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My love for complexity started at the tender age of four when I used to play chess in grade school. I was also a member of the robotics club and the math club. It broadened my reasoning skills in the management of challenging assignments. What makes me like Engineering, is its potential to give us the chance to make situations different and more interesting. I am generally inspired to study tech legends and their contributions to society to feed my interest.
I have experienced a challenging life of being an identical twin with my brother. Having had to identify own-self has been a journey to me. We have had instances of same preferences, same likes of school subjects, and school games, among others. At times we have crushed with my twin brother on choices, and this has taught me to embrace teamwork. In soccer and basketball, the coaches could not differentiate us and our teachers in the class were no different. Being compared to my twin all the time did not make me feel as I wanted my own self-identity.

I love traveling and having visited different states has widened my world perspective. I have also accepted the dynamics of day to day life and comfortably adjusted to the course challenges because I had interacted with different cultures in the past. Moreover, my interest in music has made me become a volunteer in playing the piano to the elderly in the nursery home. Learning about piano has taught me to be persistent and determined in learning, and I am willing to face prevailing challenges in the field of engineering.

I have the fulfillment of realizing who I am from my experience of identical twin life. The experience has made me stronger, and I now have a greater sense of self. My identical brother and I had different friends, tried being different, and despite both of us wanting to pursue engineering, we have learned that we can be different and independent and have different destinies. At times we have had different flaws, personality traits, and a different mindset. These differences are our pride in being different. I not only seek to become a leader by title, but I also dream to become a leader who will gear towards impacting change. In my high school level, I was a tennis instructor and a co-coordinator for annual Simplot games where I promoted sports in my community. My satisfaction lies in seeing others succeed and I offer help to those who don’t grasp concepts quickly. My hobbies are mainly the things I like and believe in.

My love for the environment made me also join NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) as an intern. During my internship, I learned how to address issues such as pollution, climate change, among others. I believe that this knowledge will promote my zeal to protect and ensure a better learning environment and general well-being of the society.

I choose the field of engineering because I am good in numbers and have strong analytical skills. We have benefited from working together with my twin brother to solve complex mathematical problems. It also helps us to welcome the challenges and handle many more problems in this field. We have learned to embrace the fact that mathematics is everywhere and in engineering is where we want to be.

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