My inward self-unveiled

At instances life can be very unpredictable while at times it simply goes on as planned but the beauty of it all is derived from how it unfolds from one match to another. It is always life lived whether horrific or good and the events of it have ripple effect both to the individual or the other people around. On a private account, before I learned to value each moment of my life, I was just residing for the sake of living. Events in my life were just activities and therefore I saw no point of caring extra than necessary. If I had what I needed at a given moment then what was their habit. His mother had warned about wagering telling him that he could lose all the money after becoming paranoid about winning. But Norman was determined to do the same since he wanted to buy many things and prove to his friends that he had a lot of money.

Just as the parents stepped out of the door, Norman went into his parents’ bedroom, took one of his mother’s purses, and removed her credit card. He then stepped out of the house and headed to the near cyber café and signed up an online account with one of the online casinos. Because he knew the security details of the account, making payments was not such a daunting task for him. He continued wagering and lost every time, but he was encouraged by the fact that he was close to winning every time. He went on until the payment was declined because the credit card was reading zero balance. He went and put back the credit card pretending as if nothing had happened. His mother, as usual, would take the credit card and used it to fuel the car on her way to work. But as she went to make payment, she was told that the credit card was empty, she called the credit card firm and enquired what had happened, but she was told that she had signed up for an online casino using the card and used the money therein wagering at the weekend. Initially, she taught that it was her husband, but there was no way because there was no way since he was with her at the workshop.

However, he was found out by his mother one day. Norman was ashamed to the core and did not know what to say to his parents, and when he found the nerve to ask for forgiveness, he went up to them in the living room. He was warned about doing the same and was advised that he could spend his free time doing other things such as developing his talent. The next day, instead of being home early, he remained at school playing basketball with his friends; this made him gain expertise in the basketball making him the best basketballer in his school. And after high school there were many basketball teams and firms that wanted to sign a deal with him, he earned a lot of money and became wealthier than his parents. This, therefore, proves the fact that there is more to life than deviance and crime.

Works cited

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