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I never dreamed that I would live my life without the involvement of my family. Since I became conscious of my being, my family has been part and parcel of my life and has affected every aspect of my being. I grew up with a complete appreciation of the vital roles that family plays in any individual’s life. As a consequence, I don’t take my family for granted, because my family has influenced my character and view of the world. My family is made up of my two sisters, my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law. We all stay in the same house and depending on one another in regard to household duties, responsibilities and expectations. My grandparents form part of my family since we stay at close proximity. They are involved in many things that my family undertakes and in most cases we normally include them in our daily activities such as dinner, vacations and other celebrations.
My parents form the first chapter of life since they are responsible for my development in every area. They have provided me with the key things that I need in life to make me feel part of those in my generation.
_x0093_I hope we have tried to be the best parents for all of you,_x0094_ said my mother one day at the dinner table.
_x0093_Indeed you are the best, and we thank you for whom you have been to us._x0094_ We all replied in unison.
They have provided my siblings and me with the necessary tools needed to face the future and to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. They fully understand that our future is very important and that we need to be well prepared to face it. They have worked hard to give us the best form of education that will sustain our lives and to make us independent. In some instances, they have pushed us towards certain directions that at first we didn_x0092_t like but later we came to appreciate everything they did so as to take us out of our comfort zones. My two siblings have taught me to share, have fun and be in a position to understand and appreciate diverse opinions and line of thoughts. My grandparents have been engaged in our lives in a number of ways including teaching us some life values such as respect for other people and to share with those who lack basic things of life.
_x0093_I desire to see all of you grow into strong young men and a woman who will be ready to face the challenges of your time._x0094_ said my grandfather during a family evening walk.
_x0093_With your blessings and prayers we will_x0094_ replied my sister.
_x0093_We will surely do those guys,_x0094_ responded my grandmother.
The reason I really cherish my family is based on the fact that we can always count on one another for any form of help or support. We have endeavored to provide a shoulder to lean on whenever any member of the family is undergoing challenging times. I recall when my dad lost his job two years ago and we went through hard economic times. We did not allow the situation to overcome us but we purposed to stand with him and to support him wherever we could. My brother took up a job in a local restaurant so as to boost the family income, I engaged in online jobs with the aim of generating some income for my education while my mother worked hard in her retail outlet. We were able to meet all the basic needs of the family until my dad was able to secure a new job. _x0093_We shall remain strong as a family._x0094_ my dad always reminded us.
One particular instance that served to bring us together as a family was when we all went to a vacation in Africa in the fall of 2007. After several months of preparations, we finally set of as a family in the month of October 2007. We had a never made such a trip with the whole of my family and so it was full of fun. One of the memorable tourist attraction site that we visited was Kruger National Park which is the home of the big five animals namely Lion, Leopard, Elephants, Buffalo and Rhino. It is the largest national park in the country and the entire continent. Kruger is a self-drive tourist destination that is well equipped with the excellent infrastructure and resources. We were stayed in the park for several days owing to the presence of several tented camps and luxury lodges. We had bonfire moments in which we shared several stories while reflecting on our past lives. The events served to bring us closer as family members and they intensified our bond.
_x0093_What do you like about Africa?_x0094_ asked my grandfather.
_x0093_Fresh air and beautiful natural sceneries that you can_x0092_t find in many places_x0094_ I replied.
We then headed to the Durban beaches which are likened to those of Miami in Florida due to their vibrant atmosphere that they present. The Durban beaches are well kept and are safe to all individual. They offer different forms of entertainment that served as well as a family. We enjoyed being in Africa for the two weeks and we have many memories of the vacation that each of us can relate to. I fully appreciate the role played by this vacation in our family. It was a moment to open up and understand one another.
My family has taught me some key values in life such as trust, integrity and fair treatment of all individuals. In our current world, there are many challenges that seek to threaten our own survival and existence and it is only in the family where an individual can find refugee. However, for the family to serve as a place of hope, there is need to cultivate a culture that will result lead to understanding and acceptance in the family.

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