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The cultural function I attended was the premiere of “A Question of Faith” at the Atlantic Station’s Regal Theater on September 25. The event featured a red carpet filled with nearly thirty national and local media outlets that recorded interviews from the star-studded event. The cast and crew included Silver Lining Entertainment producer Angela White, actors such as Amber Nelon Thompson, Greg Alan Williams, Donna Biscoe, Kim Fields, Karen Valero and several more. A Question of Faith is a development of Pure Flix Entertainment and Silver Lining Entertainment. This movie is a faith-based drama that follows the lives of three Christian families who are brought together by a tragic accident. These three families are forced on a converging path to discover the love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy of God as the challenges of their fate make them question their faith and God’s power that guides them. The producers’ main aim in developing this movie was to address the issue of racial reconciliation, forgiveness, faith, and brotherhood which are some of the things that the world needs now more than ever.

Personally, I have never attended a movie premiere mainly because I have never been ecstatic about them but A Question of Faith just attracted me to it because of the lessons that I would pick from it. I chose to attend this movie premiere because from its trailer that I had watched several times I felt it indeed told the truth of real life and my life. It brings out the reactions of people whenever we are faced with very challenging moments that make us question God’s love and guidance over our life. The movie attracted me because it talked of forgiving even when the pain is too much something I relate with and have been battling with for some time now. It made me stop and think for a minute how we take the people who love us for granted and how sometimes some of the people who hurt us do not mean to do it.

The host being the Atlantic Station’s Regal Theatre played an essential role in ensuring that everyone who attended the premiere was very well taken from the drinks, food, and even how people sat. They were there to ensure that the first screening of this movie would be a success. The Regal Theatre also assured that there was ample security primarily because of the A-list celebrities that were a part of the event. They also helped distribute copies of the movie for those who were interested in buying for a person who was not at the premiere. I did not have a significant role during the premiere of A Question of Faith as I was just part of the audience, but at the end when the movie was over I was asked to give a review of how I felt the film was. It was almost like an interview because they were recording it and they also prompted me with questions on the characters and how they played their roles.

I learned from the movie that there are times in life when things happen, and you get to a point where you are even questioning the existence of God, but even with all the pain, we should always put our faith in God first. When we think all hope is gone that’s when a miracle happens. I also learned that the person who you list expect to help you is the one does give you a helping hand without caring if you are from the same race or religion with them. I also learnt that people should sign up for organ donation as one day another person can get a chance to live because you consented to donate your organs once you had passed away. As a society, we should always learn to reach out to those who are broken hearted and show them that they are not alone in whatever they are going through.

The most exciting thing I learned from this faith movie is how God makes the lives of people to cross each other so they can help each other through their pain. As I watched the video, it was amazing how tragedies made people seek God even more and have a togetherness and kindness to people who have done them wrong. The future lesson from this movie is that one should never take your loved one for granted. Those people who are always there for you to make you happy should always be first. We should learn to put work obligations and the pressures of life aside for a moment and take time to listen to our kids and parents while making memories that will last. Another lesson was that race should never be a determinant when helping a person it should always come from the heart. This premiere was very interesting, and I guess it has made me want to be part of many more.

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