Movement for Feminism in Saudi Arabia and Iran

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In order to champion women’s rights in society, feminist groups based in Saudi Arabia and Iran have used diverse techniques and strategies of experimentation. The organization’s first agenda and priorities were to achieve gender-neutral sharia and to demand respect for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and Iran. They also refused women their legal right to engage in various social practices, including economic activities, social life, political affairs, travel, education, and many other aspects of human rights. There have been many struggles in Saudi Arabia by the women with the aim of launching Islamic feminist organization in the country, but because of the religious attitude, the underground culture of the Muslim, and the current law they have never been permitted to demonstrate in public. On the other hand, female feminism organization also exists in Iran. In Iran, the feminist movements have been able to attain some achievements that have uplifted women live, this to the fact that in Iran women are allowed to take part in some of the activities like production activities. Since the emergence of the feminist organization, the road to self-liberty by the women has encountered many challenges because of the culture prevailing in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Therefore this paper focuses on details in discussing the feminist organization in Iran and Saudi Arabia with extra data comparing the success of the movement between the two mentioned countries (Samiuddin and Khanam 120).

Islamic feminism

Feminist is a discourse and practice that articulate within Islamic paradigm, according to Margot Badran the feminist historian. Primarily, feminist among the Muslim is derived and perceived to come from the Quran. The modern feminism of Islamic has its roots on the modern context through the Iranian scholars like Ziba, and Afsaneh who have made it famous Islam and feminism. The western style feminism is admired by many Muslim women because if champions every person right and freedom. As a result, women have taken the battle to liberate themselves from Saudi Arabia tradition, culture, and rules. There has been negative attitude and connotation among women to the Islamic feminism due to its ignorance from Pre-Prophet Muhammad generation. However, the factor behind why many of the Saudi Arabia women hesitate in the feminist organization it is because community considers offensive to go against Islam or contradicting it (Coleman 326).

The ideal body of Saudi Islamic has great difference from the traditional Islamic feminism because it does not accept western feminism. Young ladies, for example, Marwa Al- Saleh and Rasha Alduwaisi show that Islamic feminism requires to accord women freedom and right both in the Quran and Sharia. The court system in conjunction with codified gender- neutral Sharia would give women freedom they are proclaiming for through arrange and consistent organization among the Saudi women. One of the dreams of the Saudi Arabia women is a day they will have a chance to participate in business activities and peruse education fully without hindrances. Also, there require freedom of marriage and movement to be able to pick and identify what suit their life. Saudi Arabia women also need the right to demand a divorce that could unchain them from a modern marriage of violation, torture, and abuse they experience. Muslim male partners, on the other hand, have the feeling that western feminism that the women are fighting for will end up to individualism and worsen their families or marriage. Based on men claims and worry thy have opposed the western feminism that being championed by the women (Samiuddin and Khanam 26).

Feminism and the movement

Women in Saudi Arabia face various forms of discrimination which are based on the culture and religious beliefs, an act that has prevented them their human rights in different fields like economic, social and political lives. An example to illustrate this violence of rights is whereby women in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to marry a partner or a man of their choice. Women are compelled to accept and marry a partner who has been identified to her against his will. To add, the Saudi Arabians have not put into consideration that women can involve themselves in some of the economic activities like driving due to the cultural constraints. Many events are organized by the sports federal in the world, Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to for a long time from participating in the economic and social live activities. The fact is that women are facing discrimination from their legal economic, and social rights and fact that deny and restrict them from accessing freedom in their country. Despite the regulation against public display and demonstration, women in Saudi Arabia have come up with different mechanism attaining support through the social media. Various social media like Facebook have provided an excellent platform for the championing equality and women right among all people including women in the country (Suad and Slyomovics 120).

Since the 1990s there has been a change in the perception and focus of Islamic feminism by the uprising anti-government and other organization across the Middle East. Apart from their significant role of fighting and demonstration for their human rights, women in Saudi Arabia want to have an opportunity to take part in the process of decision making on matters involving the government and the emerging trends in the society today. The laws, religious constraints, and some aspect of culture have hindered most of the women in Saudi Arabia to come out fully demonstrate and campaign for their rights compared to other countries. This the core reason why the organization has not been able to bring about the solid impact in Saudi Arabia compared to other countries like Iran. This type of regulation has been the obstacle preventing the women from exploring feminist organization by approaching renowned female academic or activist. In general, there is no serious movement that has been formed by the Saudi women that call for cooperation. This has prevented unity and participation of potential and powerful allies from the royal household like King Abdullah. The outcome of this has led to the utilization of other aspects of the social media due to lack of maximum control over such channels by the Saudi Arabia government. As a result, Saudi Arabia feminist organization is undergoing many challenges that time to time hinder women from championing for their freedom and rights (Talattof 110).

Saudi Arabia and Iran

Feminism organization has substantially changed and enhanced lives to women who stay in Iran, an aspect that has indicated development and growth in the region. This is essential to women because they are free to participate in most of the economic and social activities globally and locally. In fact, women are getting liberation and empowerment to themselves from the Muslim beliefs and traditions. Despite this progress, Iran still maintains some adamant and strict rule to some of their culture and tradition such as the appearance of women in public, and dressing code. This requires more techniques and option that will bring a full change in Saudi and Iran.

As compared to the past, women in Iran currently are not bound to their home attending to the young once. Iran has permitted their women to take part in economic activities such as driving to be able to create income for their families. On the part of the Saudi country, it still has the feeling that it is cultural and traditionally is not proper for a woman to take part in these type of activities. Apart from that Iran has made it free for their women to participate in the election process that permits women a chance to be part of decision-making. According to research carried out Iran has ranked 129 among131 countries that have authorized to ensuring political rights in the state. On the side of Saudi Arabia, it became number last in the ranking because women in their country are still facing social discrimination and are not permitted to make a decision on their own. Therefore the feminist organization has brought about impacts in the lives of women in Iran significantly. On the part of Saudi, despite reports by some of the leaders that their women are permitted to participate in the political process; it has not been achieved fully because some women are still prevented and barred from these events. The data provide the research further points out that in the year 2010. Three percent of ministerial positions were granted to the women with only 5 percent of the women in parliament.

In Iran and Saudi Arabia, the figures of women in colleges higher compared to men. This is also shown in the US where the number of women in colleges is greater to that of men, but this education does not automatically translate into employment. Although, there is a high number of women enrollment into colleges the same is not applicable in the employment sector. The data from the research indicates that women are one-third out of the entire working in Iran. This data means that the chances of getting employment for females after the completion of their course are less than a third. This indicates that women are not empowered enough in the education system and even in the society, an aspect that makes them reluctant in defending and fighting for their rights. Congratulation goes to the feminist organization because the number of those in employment has gone up. The movement on the other side has not been able to create impact in Saudi Arabia. The percentage of women in the workforce has gone up to 32 percent while in Saudi Arabia remains 21 percent. The fact behind feminist organization require both Saudi and Iran to impress the western feminist it is due to the factor that it promotes women empowerment and equal employment chances for women and men. More techniques are required and further intervention to stop discrimination in the two countries

Iran and Saudi Arabia

Changes in women empowerment and role are some of the social changes that were witnessed in America during the early years of the 19 century. As an outcome of this social change, another transformation like economic and political changes was shown. This can be the best outline in the research that Iran was ranked in position 123 out of 131 of countries regarding economic development. This indicates the participation of women in the Iran economic development has considerably contributed a lot to the countries achievement. Still, on that, this poll result show that feminist organization has brought about the impact in Iran. As an outcome of stopping women discrimination following the feminist group, the state has improved on its economic rating. On the part of Saudi Arabia, it has worsened on its economic performance because of their hard position of not ending women discrimination. According to the ranking Saudi Arabia was number six lowest in the area of economic performance among the 131

countries. The state is in no efforts to outcast discrimination holding on their position of culture, tradition, and religion. In America, these changes were crucial due to the social conflicts like discrimination based on race, gender, and other common vices.

Focusing on my project topic aspects affecting economic growth I fin the event of social change among the women to be important because their new rights will always add to the growth of the economy by minimizing dependency. On the other hand, the right to participate in election process will enable voting in of good leaders who will bring about political stability, an aspect that has a direct effect on economic growth.

Literature review

Social, emotional, and physical interaction experienced in sport and recreational activities is important in social growth and cohesion among the children, youth, and even the sportswomen and men. In additional, sports have been an important factor and essential that brings about social and harmonious surrounding. Trust among the sports individuals is generated because of the personal relationships amongst the people who participate in sport. On the other hand, sports equips a reasonably vulnerable ground for gender, sexual abuse, and harassment. Most of the Islamic community has the feeling that sports activities provide a fragile ground for their women to break their traditions and misbehave. This has resulted in the restriction of the Saudi Arabia women from participating in sports activities by their cultures.

Based on the Muslim fear and many other aspects raised concerning gender and violence in sports areas by the private institutional and public sector, the Confederation of the Olympic sport and the development institution have formulated guidelines and rules to oversee the problem. The aim of the women is to prevent gender and sexual abuse, intervene, and harassment within the country. Additional networks and projects have been made to address the challenges that hinder preventive measures, which have been incorporated in the sports sector and other areas. However, the data indicates that women in the Saudi require putting more energy using all available means and strategies to be able to attain their freedom themselves from the tradition, culture, and perception of Muslims in their country. In summary, Saudi women should battle for Islamic feminism which is beyond sports rules and measures.

Political and economic activities provide a great chance for women to empower themselves and build a proper social life. The data indicates how the efforts of women have transformed and enhanced the standard of lives in the Middle East. This show that if there are given a chance women has the energy of making great decision and development in the country against the beliefs and perception of the Muslim society in Saudi Arabia. The best illustration is whereby the situation has become the terrain of the political dispute where it shows society and individuals to a positive value that benefits them in their lives. The research shows that most of gender and violation activities are performed out by men in the society and within the sports sector. This is the reason behind why the concept directs more efforts in the education and empowering women as one of the techniques and preventive means. The Muslim in Saudi has the feeling that social activities bear potential harmful impacts to participants especially the women. Contrary to their beliefs and perception, sport gives significant changes and ground where women can gain experiences and add significantly to economic growth. Moreover, the administration formulated in sport and other social activities helps in modeling women and nature talents and harmonious surroundings. The primary channel of the feminist organization is to promote equality and integrity among women which is aimed to bring about long-term positive development within the country and other areas in the world (Riedel 24).

The organization of the women is worldly supported because of its objective and determined to ensure a harmonious environment in the country. Contrary ideas and thought that are planted in human mind vulnerability in social activities are the cause of gender and violence. Therefore by the channels of education that is aimed at championing women will provide a positive and harmonious environment worldly. From the examination, it shows that sexual behavior, disposition, and orientation are the intimate expression of individual identity, a factor that is significantly vulnerable to all people. The leading cause of gender and violence in the community is the old culture in the society which is implanted in the mind. This indicates that championing discrimination against women in the social, economic, and political field does not generate a haven for female’s lives. Instead, it will prevent them from empowering and developing their lives (Povey, T. and Povey R. 120).


The data of the research indicates that women in Iran and Saudi Arabia are undergoing suffering from harsh environment and discrimination created in their countries as an outcome of culture, traditions, and law that restrict women. Every person requires the freedom of making decision, movement, taking part in various economic aspects that are important in the growth and development. The culture or the law that subject women to discrimination and abuse is not safe and suitable to any state because it’s an obstacle to the nation developments and becoming economically stable. It is the highest time for Saudi Arabia to change their cultures, laws, religious belief and tradition to enhance the growth of women. The type of laws in Iran and Saudi brings about inequality an aspect that causes women to be mistreated and subjected to all forms of abuse. I strongly feel that another state requires coming in in religious matters because the human rights show that every individual has the freedom of worship and belief. In this case, Saudi community may defend itself by holding that their cultures, traditions, and laws are formulated on religion. This calls for more useful approaches and alternative to save the plight of women in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Issues of violating human rights have been shown through sexualized conduct, abuse, and discrimination of women in both Saudi and Iran. I believe that that this are associated with social power established on people and a collective of values. I also feel that the form of behavior taken by most of the people in specific those who violate the right of other people will have a. long term negative result to the county and even the life of individuals (Flamini 126)


Based on the many concerns that have been outlined by women and other stakeholders through the organization indicates that women in Saudi Arabia and Iran suffer for a long time. Efforts have been made by the feminist government to set free the abusive situation of women, but at some point, the state has used various defenses such as traditions, culture, law and religions to maintain their positions. It is true to say that women in these two countries have been discriminated, abused, and denied freedom in their mother country. The state of Iran has put some considerable efforts in reforming and accepting the reality about human rights of its women. On the part of Saudi Arabia, it requires impressing these changes to be able to bring about the friendly environment for the women. Some aspects of the social media platform and other strategies will be useful for women in Saudi and Iran to champion their human rights. The obligation of the women in the feminist organization is to intervene and protect gender and sexual abuse and harassment within the county. There is need to formulate the concept of empowering women and men on the benefit of observing their human rights and environment that will promote harmonious core existence. The primary aim of the concept is to bring about equality and integrity among the people for future development in the county and the world.

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