Motor Development Activities

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Most of the children in preschool require the support of both household and teachers in regards to their development in getting to know and physical activity. The special schooling teachers offer a extra specialized attention to adolescents with or without disabilities. Therefore, in a practicum population of children with special needs, motor activities are integral in their development of body strength, as properly as enhance their motion. Based on this information, the following is a list of duties of physical education in a distinct education practicum population that make a contribution to gross and fine motor abilities in preschool learners up to the age of 5 years.
Target practice
The activity involves throwing object towards a particular point
Dumpster diving Entails putting toys in a big box and letting the child find their favorite ones
1. Hop skip and jump
Consists setting up of different color plates and the children hopping from one to another
2. Tape road
Marking a road on the floor using a tape to provide a path that the child can drive through
3. Spiderweb
By drawing a spider web on the flaw, the children can crawl through and pick some target objects along the way
4. Balance beam
A teacher can use the object for preschool learners to play
5. Make a maze
Involves the use of a tape in the case of indoor activities of chalk for outside action intended for the children to walk or drive through.
6. Sensory walking path
The task involves placing objects to define a particular path that can guide the students in walking through when either blindfolded or having a visual impairment.
7. Racing games
For example, in racing with straws, the child can compete with each other and in the process strengthen their muscles, as well as use energy in playing around.
8. Hula hoop
The activity involves using a ring around the waist, which enhances the strength, balance, and endurance in the child’s development.
9. Bubbles
The game requires a tube with a soapy solution for making bubbles which children can run after hence enhancing their movement.
10. Play with dough
Children make different imitation and play with the dough hence improving their fine motor requirements
11. Sort by color
The children use a bowl full of beads having different colors from which they choose those of the same color and place them aside. The activity also improves the fine motor abilities.
12. Build structures
The game involves objects that fit each other and the through combination by following a particular manual the child can make a different structure such as trains, houses, and towers among others.
13. Fit puzzle
The game entails different variations that have to fit together in a specific order to make a complete image.
14. Paint with them
The involvement of the teacher in the child’s development of fine motor skills can be through the activity of painting together pictures.
15. Scavenger hunt
The activity is in an indoor setting whereby a teacher sets chairs in a particular pattern through which the children move along while discovering items or ‘treasures’ as an objective of the game.
16. Sidewalk chalk
The teacher creates a line using chalk in an outside environment and encouraging the children to walk on it. The exercise improves the balance of the child.
17. Learning hunt
The activity entails the process of instruction by a teacher on objectives of a search through a hunting experience
18. Scissors and paper
Children can use paper to make various arts through folding and cutting such as flowers and patterns, which increases the firmness of the hand and strength of bones.

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