Monitoring Technology and Toddlers

Common entertainment in modern culture is primarily in the form of violent media content seen on televisions, movies, and video games. Violent movies, horror movies, news on our television about countries fighting, and even violent media games like world champion wrestling (WCW) and other contents on the internet sites such as You-tube are examples of violent media in our culture. Violent media may have an effect on a child’s mental, physical, and emotional development. Many children become aggressive, depressed, or experience unusual anxiety as a result of the fear they are subjected to in violent media. This paper will discuss my personal reasons why media should be regulated to children or toddlers.


It is imperative to note that understanding and improving the lives of children in the modern society is characterized by constant technological advancements and evolution. Thus, I believe that understanding particular roles that technology plays in the lives of children and in their general well-being will help parents, teachers and other professionals to reduce or eliminate any damaging effects that it attracts. For instance, there have been claims that media in particular has adverse effects on an individual’s self-esteem and how they view themselves. I feel that most popular advertisements are mainly composed of ‘perfect’ models, chosen mainly to trigger the audience’s body-satisfaction or self-esteem. As such, a child will only find that attractiveness is only one-sided, consequently developing depression, low-self-esteem or eating disorders.

Recent reports shed light on the worrying statistics indicating the average hours that each American child spends on technological devices each day. Today, a child spends a total 3,592 hours on technological devices such as smart phones, televisions, gaming activities as well as watching movies. I feel that based on these findings, my assumption is that there are possible negative effects on their individuality, personality or general growth and development. This is mainly because, when an individual spends considerable amount of time on something, consequently, that would have impact on him or her. It is worth to note that such an assumption has been adopted as an area of interests by various studies in the field of psychology.

I feel that children should be exposed to less technology because research indicates that children exposed in media violent tend to isolate themselves from the others, they don’t need company, if the happen to see violence in real life they panic a lot. In this case I find that such children never want to know more about the outside world because he/she already fears what may be lurking out there. Those children who have been exposed to technological products such as violent media at a tender age, they tend to have complicated adolescent and young-adulthood. For instance, I feel that such child being brought up by one or two abusive parents may react aggressively to a parent maybe if they are arguing. Others may go to extreme lengths of using dangerous weapons such as guns, knives, or whatever they may deem appropriate as evidenced in the recent news headlines in most schools in the United States.

In addition, I feel technology and in particular entertainment media is increasingly glorifying the use of drugs. As such, it encourages children to practice or emulate these self-destructive behaviors because they want to be ‘cool’. One negative effect of children doing drugs is that they develop complicated childhood that is often violent in nature and as such, such a child will always act defensively whenever he/she she engages in arguments with peers or parents. On approaching the age of 13 to 19 they tend to seek comfort in drugs, this really affects them in future, because they can’t make up a good person in the society. They will end up making poor choices in their social, economic and political lives and will not be responsible citizens in the society. Therefore, a feel that technology will have stripped the society an opportunity to have a productive and responsible member who would otherwise have made significant contributions.


There is a great need to develop effective strategies that will enable parents regulate the amount of time they spend on technology and technological devices. This will not only help improve their social, emotional and physical health but will also offer them a great outlook towards life. Children who grew with violent media exposure need a lot of love and care, counselling may also be used on them. Parents need to encourage their children to engage in physical activities so that they develop their social and interpersonal-skills. Parents need to check on any change of behavior of their children. It is crucial for parents to parent take time to know their children and also discuss any matter of violent media which the kids might have seen or heard somewhere.

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