Modified and Organic Foods and Processes

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This journal discusses the various facets of organic food processing and biotechnology. Consumers’ views on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and organic foods in terms of their impact on health, the climate, and ethics were polled. Organic food consumption was discovered to be better than GMO-rich food consumption. Organic breeding techniques were often thought to be more environmentally sustainable than genetic modification processes. This publication discusses the potential benefits and drawbacks of GMOs.Although previous studies done on GMOs deemed it safe for consumption, somestudies have displayed its adversity especially on animals that were tested. Thus,it is essential to conduct sufficient researches in order to monitor and evaluate theeffects of GMOs especially on public health and the environment.

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health. Fast Facts about Health Risks of Pesticides inFood. University of Washington: School of Public Health. 2013. Retrieved on February2, 2017 from

This PDF document obtained from an internet website specifically discussespertinent information on pesticides. It also explained the potential health risks ofusing such substances and the benefits of organic food consumption as a way todecrease exposure to pesticides.

Chen, Michael C. Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Potential Health Benefits and Risks, NutritionNoteworthy, 7 (1), 1-6. 2005

This journal aimed to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of organic food production specifically on health. Aspects that were taken into consideration were nutritional significance, pesticide infectivity and microbiological awareness. It was found in this study that organic foods have lower pesticide levels compared to conventional foods. On the other hand, organic farming may result in less microbiological infectivity compared with commercial food production. As such, it was concluded that production of organic foods is more advantageous and less harmful than conventional foods.

Crinnion, Walter J. Organic Foods contain Higher Levels of Certain Nutrients, Lower

Levels of Pesticides, and may provide Health Benefits to the Consumer. Alternative

Medicine Review, 15 (1), 4-12. 2010

This journal involves a review of the nutrient content of organic foods as well asits beneficial effects on the health of every consumer. Organic foods were foundto be rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals but have low quantities ofnitrates and pesticide residues. It was also discovered through in vitro studies thatorganic foods contain antioxidants that prevent the incidence of cancer and certainmutations.

GMO Editors. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Harmful Effects of the Agent. PubH5103: Exposure to Environmental Hazards. 2003. Retrieved on February 2, 2017 from

This website seeks to explain the negative impact of GMOs on the health of individuals. Certain effects were taken into consideration as that of increased levels of toxicity upon GMO consumption, occurrence of allergic reactions, low nutritional values and antibiotic resistance. These aspects were further discussed in order to raise the awareness on GMOs and its potential health risks.

Key, Suzie, Ma, Julian K-C, and Drake, Pascal MW. Genetically Modified Plants and HumanHealth, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 101, 290-298. 2008. DOI


This particular review seeks to investigate the effects of GM plants on health through certain methods focused on nutrition and the development of recombinant medications. The impact of GM plants on the environment as well as the viewpoints of most people on genetic engineering shall also be taken into account.

8) Oates, Liza and Cohen, Marc. Human Consumption of Agricultural Toxicants from

Organic andConventional Food. Journal of Organic Systems, 4 (1), 48-57. 2009

This journal talks about the presence of toxic chemicals in organic and conventional food as well as its connection with toxin-related diseases. It has been found that conventional foods contain greater quantities of toxic chemicals compared with organic foods. It was recommended that more profound studies should be done regarding the degree of toxicity of such chemicals involved in the production of organic and conventional foods.

Rembialkowska, Ewa and Srednicka-Tober, Dominika. Organic Food Quality and Impact

on Human Health. Agronomy Research, 7 (2), 719-727. 2009

This journal explains the importance of organic crops as well as its nutrient content. The health benefits of organic food consumption were also compared with conventional food consumption. It was found through in vitro experiments on animals that the amount of cancer cells significantly declined with organic food consumption. For animals which were fed with organic material, high fertility values and immune factors were also noted. Though numerous experiments were already done with regard to the potential benefits of organic food consumption on animals, little is still known with regard to its efficacy on human health.

Robinson, Lawrence, Segal, Jeanne and Segal, Robert. Organic Foods: What You Need to Knowabout Eating Organic. HelpGuide.Org. 2016. Retrieved on February 2, 2017 from

This website talks about basic information with regard to organic products as well as its health advantages. Pesticides and GMOs were also explained in detail in terms of their safety, benefits and potential health risks. The importance of organic food consumption was also taken into consideration in order to offset the effects of GMOs and pesticides on food.

Toxics Action Center. The Problem with Pesticides. 2015. Retrieved on February 2, 2017 at

This website aimed to tackle various concerns regarding pesticide use and the necessary solutions in order to avoid the deleterious effects of pesticides to human health and the environment.

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