Modern Technology Impact on Society

Today’s human world expands from the individual, family, society, and the world courtesy of technology. Communication, transport systems, and all the life-changing technologies change human personality, and the perception people have regarding individuals. Humans are social beings and love knowing the responses others may have toward them. Social media, a development of the internet technology and computing change these views from positive to negative. The society and all forms of social spheres obtain these views differently. To elaborate more, this paper analyses the importance of technology in connecting humans and the adverse effects of the same technologies.
Before the adoption of much internet in the last decade, the mobile phone came in and transformed the speed of connections. Mobile phones generated the fast connections where people could call and inquire the whereabouts of other. The time for connection did not matter, as people could make choices of their preferred times. In emergency cases, it is of great help to people (Solon, 2013). These reduced the costs of connections from individuals, families and the society. However, it had a limitation of only verbal communication and text messaging before superior technological integration of video calls into phones.

Technology increases the style of connections and gives a wide variety of information to share with each other. The development of mailing system improved the information to share from photos, documents and videos. People got connected at the availability of some computer and the internet (Wu, 2014). Inventions of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Palmchat improved more connections between individuals from one part of the world to another. Facebook is one revolution that gave a wider scope of information to share and improved relationships between people in the society and the world (Solon, 2013). It has the option of time, location and the people with which one interacted with. One chose to share with people at will to keep others informed in a more advanced manner.

These great modes of connections come with their disadvantages. Individuals who benefit from these remote connections forget the physical attachments they had. Most people spend much of their time on social sites, and prefer them to other sites (Solon, 2013). With video calls adding on to the effectiveness of communications, physical interactions and its benefits reduce With reduced physical interactions, analyzing someone’s moods, expressions becomes difficult. Failure to analyze such non-verbal cues of communications deceives people that everything is okay, while they are not. Another issue with technological connections is the virtual image it gives to the people. People have disguised images on social media, seeking much attention and recognition (Solon, 2013). Some may not be pleasant for everybody. These turn off people and extends the same dislike to the individuals they connect with through. The result is a changed perception about social media and other related sites.

In conclusion, technology-improved connections have advantages and disadvantages to individuals, society and the world. Their advantages are in the reduced time of connections, the variety of choices of the mode of communication and the speed of communication. The disadvantages of these modes of communication are the false identities people have with them. It is unfortunate how some people give false information about their identities in social media. With these disadvantages and misuse of social media platforms, individuals must choose wisely how they want to use such social media sites within personal, family, and community stages.


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