Mini Dictionary

I am a video game fanatic, and I have to admit I am so obsessed with the fighting games. Whenever I am stressed, the only activity that can make me sense at ease is playing war games. I would always sense the urge of winning, and gaining new skills which will help me forget the traumatic life issues. It is fortunate that all my friends additionally love these games, so most of our weekends are always dedicated towards taking part in and winning. I never knew that spending a lot of time in the gaming world would one time change my language usage. I nowadays locate myself talking to my friends, classmates, and my family members using the terms I learn from the games. I realized that I am so much addicted to these words that they have become slang in my daily speech.

One of my favorite words that I mostly use with my friends is “Noob.” Also spelled as “nub,” the term refers to a “newbie” which means being new in a certain field or area of expertise. The term had been used in history to refer to new recruits in among the British soldiers. In video games, referring to someone as a “noob” is to mean that they are unskilled or inexperienced player in the game. Playing the old game Counter Strike has made me adopt this term as it referred to every new player as a “noob.” I use the word at school whenever I am new to a topic or game in the field. When I tell my classmates, “I am a noob in that mathematics topic,” they understand that I am new on the subject.

“I will pwn you” is a phrase I use commonly while playing with my friends. The term is well known, aspecially after it had been used in the web series, “Pure Pwnage.” The term “pwn” refers to “owning someone or something.” The word had originated in the 1990s when hackers displayed the message on the systems they managed to hack. To state that they had owned the system and literally managed it, they used the term “pwned.” In one of my favorite games, “Battletech,” a player can say they pwn someone if they kill their opponents. I have since believe in using the term, and tell my opponents that I “pwned” them upon winning. But if I lose in a game, I always say “I got pwned” to mean that I am defeated. My little sister has also adopted the phrase “I was pwned” whenever she goes to play basketball with her friends and get defeated.

I also became acquainted with the term “frag” after playing several games including the old Quake and Doom II. While playing, the slang term would mean killing an opponent in the online games. This means that if one kills the opponent, they score points which are referred to as “frags.” Tracing the word back, it had been used during the Vietnam War when in-fighting members disagreed, and decided to assassinate the oppressive individuals. As such, they were forced to use fragmentation grenades which would “accidentally” kill them. Thus, the online games considered the term to mean killing or murdering a squad member. In my world, I have come to use the word not only during the games, but if I have won in a game or scored higher in a test. The first time I told my mother, “I fragged everyone in the English test,” she could not understand. But literally I meant being the winner in the class test.

I guess everyone who loves playing online games or one who loves watching cartoon knows the term “smurf.” It is pretty common term known by many, but refers to the act of highly experienced players creating new techniques or accounts to destroy the beginners or those in lower levels of the game. When it featured first in the Warcraft II, the term was used by players known as “Shlonglor” and “Warp” who created different accounts to play against their lower level opponents; at first they made them think they are “noobs,” but later beat them up. “Smurf” is very popular in the kid’s cartoon known as “The Smurfs” which features little blue beings. I enjoy using this term, especially while playing online games or field games at school. When I score in basketball, I do tell my opponents how I “smurfed” them.

All these gaming terms have become part of me. I would always call my friends “noobs” when they are not aware of something and I consistently use “pwning,” “smurf,” and “frag” to reveal my superiority. Whether I intend to intimidate my friends or make a joke, I believe that these terms have become part of me. Some slangs may come and go, but as far as gaming is concerned, we players will always understand one another, and create rapport with the familiar gaming terms. One clear fact is that they will always make life unserious especially when things get tough.

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