Michelle Donaldson’s

Michelle Donaldson works as an educationist in New York Department of Education the place she focuses on educating young adults helping them understand their life goals within the New York City Public School system. Michelle Donaldson holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from Pace University. She has served various leadership roles within the New York State authorities for Governor George E. Pataki for nearly twelve years. Most of the leadership positions she was in charge of included a Commissioner for the New York State Division of Human Rights and the Director of Operations for the New York State Department of Health. Besides, she was a Special Assistant to the Governor for African-America and Caribbean Affairs. She also worked as a Corporate Director of Diversity & Inclusion. During her time in this department, she served over 40,000 employees within the country. However, over the five years, Michelle Donaldson has worked as Corporate Director of Diversity & Inclusion, she has contemplated returning to working with the government with the intention of connecting the experience and resources.

Michelle Donaldson’s goal is to utilize her experience to bring a drastic transformation in the sector of education. Her motivation is to get as many young leaders as possible to educate and uplift them in the line of education. However, as a public administrator, she will use her experience she gained when pursuing a master of public administration from National Urban Fellows to administer educational development to guarantee every individual education for a better future. Some of Michelle Donaldson’s roles as a public administrator include;

Performing administrative roles

Fiscal administration

Acting as a public guardian

Administering fundraising calls within the state (Anderson & Potoski, 2016).


Anderson, S. E., & Potoski, M. (2016). Agency Structure and the Distribution of Federal Spending. Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, 26(3), 461-474.

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