Mental illnesses-John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate President Reagan

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Mental disorders also drive persons without their knowledge to commit irrational actions. A psychoanalytical, clinical, and socio-cultural review reveals that he was mentally ill in the case of John Hinckley, who tried to kill President Reagan.
Hinckley suffered from a serious and persistent psychiatric illness from a psychoanalytic viewpoint. Essentially, a psychiatric test revealed that he suffered from a narcissistic personality and a borderline personality. The circumstances made him have delusions and contempt towards individuals. The delusions, in reality, influenced his acts because he had a weak process of thinking. Furthermore, they subjected him to defects in insight, testing, and judgment.
From a behavioral perspective, he was incapable of controlling his behavior because of his narcissistic characteristic. His moods were mostly unstable, and that led him to behave in an abnormal manner. Furthermore, he was incapable of making rational decisions when left alone because of his illnesses. Equally, people with a Borderline Personality tend to exhibit highly impulsive behaviors and have a distorted sense of the self (Mondimore, and Kelly 112). On the same note, they tend to show a persistent fear of being abandoned and so have strong feelings of anxiety, depression, and worry.
From a socio-cultural perspective, Hinckley had a troubled childhood and upbringing that caused him much distress as he grew into adulthood. For instance, he had a history of an abusive family and unstable relationships. On the same note, his upbringing made it difficult for him to express sympathy for other people. The self-destructive act that he committed to attempting to kill the president reaffirms his deficient upbringing. Ultimately, the effects of poor education and the lack of parental love predisposed him to recklessness.
Section 2
Question 2
There is little doubt that observation is an important part of any scientific inquiry. Most people gain knowledge through the process of observation, and ultimately make decisions based on the events or items they have observed. Nevertheless, observation cannot be the only means through which to gain knowledge. Other methods of acquiring knowledge include memory, reading, conversations, practice, asking around, doing it by yourself, and experimentation, among others (Wiig 112). Hence, observation is just one of the many sources of knowledge.
Incidentally, I never observed or met George Washington, but I know that he was the first president of the United States. In answering the question, I would say that I gained the knowledge from reading history books and discussing with colleagues.

I am sure that the sun will rise tomorrow because it has always done so. In essence, I do not have any reason to doubt that the sun will rise tomorrow because that is what it has always done. In reality, the sun will rise tomorrow because it has been programmed to rotate around Earth once every twenty-four hours.
I know that I do not have a hole in the back of the pants, the socks, or the skirt you are wearing right now because of intuition. Such knowledge is self-conscious because if I had a hole in any of the mentioned places, I would have sensed it and taken corrective measures. Furthermore, it is likely that a friend or even stranger would have informed me of the anomaly because I tend to meet and interact with people for the better part of the day. Therefore, the possibility of walking around with a hole in any of the clothes I am wearing is slim.

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