Men and Women Gender Differences

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Differences between men and women are not only connected to the physical differences but additionally how the two parties convey a message in conversations, speech delivery as nicely as in general communications. The past researches that have been done on this precise topic have shown that men and ladies differ in their statements. Due to these differences, scholars have gone an more mile to formulate certain theories which attempt to explain the differences. Some of the frequently used approaches in this context are the dominance theory and the difference theory. This paper is aimed at uncovering linguistic characteristic variations in expressions of both males and females. The speech variations seen between the two parties are mainly observed in the forms of language, conversation topics, and other preferred choices. The expressions of men have certain distinct features such as asking fewer questions, and their conversations are mainly based on sports, teasing, aggression, actions, and competitive matters. On the other hand, women revolve around home, affiliations, family, and feelings of others. The current studies show that women have a more polite way of addressing, prefer more humor as well as asking more questions than men. Some of these distinctions come as a result of the social expectations of the two parties on how a particular gender should sound like when talking. However, with all the differences that exist in how male and female counterparts speak, certain exceptional elements remain common for both sexes. For example, use of direct speech is a preferred choice for both genders. The paper provides an insight and a better understanding of the existing differences in the linguistic features of men and women in a multi-cultural society with varied cultures, traditions, customs and religious settings.

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