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Because of the perception of a phenomenon that is essential to a high quality of life, this week’s chapter was one of the most fascinating this year. It’s interesting that we don’t understand the importance of memory in life until we have some time left behind. False memories were the highlight feature of this week’s segment. It is fascinating because, without really understanding, many persons encounter fake memories of their lives. In fact, the modification of memories we perceive as unchanging is possible by continuous suggestion. The text of the class lists words we equate with sleep, but the word “sleep” is not listed. The persistent suggestion made me mention sleep as one of the words in the list despite its obvious absence. False memory could also involve changing the details of how things happened.

The appreciation of the forgetting curve is necessary if one is to improve their memory. As such, regularly reviewing study material will help improve my studying and learning process. I have also learned that it is not enough to stop studying when I think I understand a concept perfectly. Overlearning is useful, especially when it comes to building one’s long-term memory.

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