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There is no question that how people react to tragedies is influenced by the media and TV. Many individuals do not avoid reports of tragic events, although others find it tough to step away from those reports. Since they instill terror in me, the media and TV have similarly changed how I react to certain incidents. I watch such news in reaction, to brace myself if I am a survivor. I still have stressful responses to certain activities, though.
Question 2
My emotional reactions are complicated and confusing at times. However, after charting my emotions for one week, I realized that certain patterns are prominent. In some cases, I have noticeable mood swings and vicissitudes. However, I noticed that my emotional responses are stable because I have developed the necessary resilience.

Section 2

Question 1

I am always driven to achieve my goals and objectives because power does not interest me. However, I understand that achieving my goals requires me to demonstrate a high level of competence.

I do not think my gender increases or decreases my chances of success. On the contrary, I believe the deciding factor is how hard I work to achieve my goals.

I respond to both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators, as both are crucial to giving direction and drive.

My overriding goal is to score high grades in school and secure my dream job. Ultimately, I hope to use the position to make a meaningful impact in the lives of other people.

Question 2: How I Found Happiness in the Work Place

The workplace can be a source of pleasure for the employee. I found happiness in the workplace because supportive colleagues and supervisors surrounded me. The environment was ideal for learning, and everyone respected my views and opinions. The workplace had a policy against discrimination while the management had clear communication channels through which employees could explain their problems. The job offered opportunities for training and career development. The company respected my privacy and motivated me to work hard. Ultimately, my job satisfaction level was high.

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