Mathematics in Everyday Life

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2nd December 2017
Professor Rodriguez Brown
Department of mathematics
University of California.
Dear Sir,
Thank you for believing in me and continually encouraging me to work hard to improve my performance in mathematics.
Mathematics has been my largest challenge in school, and you have always encouraged me to put extra efforts and never give up. Despite the fact that arithmetic is the most difficult subject you kept on encouraging me to strive harder and do a lot of practice. Though it wasn’t easy for me to understand some calculations, you by no means gave up on repeating them for me. You made me believe in myself and I learned that mathematics can be my favored subject in school. Although you always have a busy schedule you have never turned me back when I needed your help. You also taught me that in order to excel in my studies I have to balance my efforts in all the subjects and this has helped a lot in improving my grades. You saw my potential of performing well in mathematics despite the fact that I wasn’t interested in the subject. You are one of the most humble professors have ever seen since I joined the university. Your passion for helping the students achieve their goals can only be rewarded by God.

Thank you for showing me that never to give up without trying all my best to achieve my goals.


Jones Williams.

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