Mary Wollstonecraft

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A Vindication of the Rights of Woman provides the writing of Mary Wollstonecraft that would be included in this study. Her central point is that women should be taught as a means of defending their interests. As a result, she implies that “if she is not trained by education to become man’s friend, she will halt the advance of wisdom and virtue” (211).
Based on the study, I would conclude that the speaker is a female member of society and a feminist advocating for the liberation of members of the female sex through educational empowerment. The topic of interest comprises the idea that men and women project the same ability to reason and should thus be empowered equally to employ such reason. The empowerment should come in form of power, education and influence. Wollstonecraft contends that “chastity will never be respected in the male world till the person of a woman is not, as it were, idolized, when little virtue or sense embellish it with the grand traces of mental beauty, or the interesting simplicity of affection” (211).

Since the time of writing, the historical context of the essay has changed since women enjoy equal rights to power, education and influence in the 21st century. Nonetheless, the narrative view of the woman as an object to be admired and appreciated solely for her beauty continues to be peddled in the 21st century. Advertisements in the media platforms continue to objectify women. One of the iconic features of the essay comprises its directness and the salience of the language that was used by the author. One cannot ignore the subject.

Conclusively, the author organizes her arguments into segments from the introduction, the prevailing chauvinistic views, the implication of the views and the justification for the demystification of such views. Wollstonecraft contends that “if love be the supreme good, let women be only educated to inspire it, and let every charm be polished to intoxicate the senses” (239).

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