Mary Sue in Fangirl

In fan fiction, Mary Sue is a creative character. Typically, the character is a woman who is openly despised by fan critics (Bok, 2013 p. 4). In fiction stories, Mary Sue may, on occasion, be a man. A character is commonly referred to as a Mary Sue if she excels in a variety of ways. The character’s physical appearance may be exceptional, and some sympathetic characters may admire him. In nature, the Mary Sues are thought to be self-introverts rather than extroverts. However, the reader may perceive them as point-of-view characters at times. Usually, in fiction, it is incredibly wrong if an author develops characters basing on his or her traits.

Research Question

There is a significantly high-level matching of Mary Sue fanfiction in many literature books. The increased use of Mary Sue fanfiction has been attributed to the recovery of many artistic writings that castigate readers increased need for fiction in literature. The primary question for the research paper is the influences behind underestimation and lack of support from most actors of Mary Sue in fanfiction literature such as Fangirl.

Description of the Research

Mary Sue in Fangirl has been identified in two characters, Cath and Levi. This research is directed to analyze Mary Sue in Cath. Cath has in many instances been portrayed as a character who is more interested in holding to her past (Martaus 176). She is glued to her past fiction writing. There is even one incident, where the author informs us that she like of fiction made her mother abandon the family.

Mary Sue as a character has taken a transformation in the creation and development of fiction in literature books. The character influences rage in all her readers in building and captivating their inner emotions for the effective inception of lessons. The author is well understood, and all the readers achieve the best experience of the materials. The unending perfection of the character in beauty, comic, and physical appearance raises the reader’s motivation.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell displays Cath, who is well brought out as a lady and not ready to change her life, when she joins college. However, her twin sister Wren is depicted as having had changed her lifestyle in many aspects (Martaus 176). The author is building the plot of the fiction story from Cath’s point of View. The paper will investigate the book Fangirl and expose the Mary Sue characters in Cath.

Cath is first depicted as a naive lady, who is newly admitted to college together with her sister Wren. Regardless of the efforts by Wren to influence her sister to meet new people, Cath never agreed to be swayed away. The efforts of the father also never gained any impact on the stand that Cath had. She believed that a change to start meeting new people could never assist her in achieving her ultimate goal. In contrary to Cath, her sister immediately joined college; she started going out to serve the desire of meeting new people. The events in their first day at college defined the rest of their life. Regardless of the efforts that Cath had put to influence her sister in stopping her changed behaviour, she could never respond positively (Martaus 177). Instead, Wren isolated her sister and decided to leave in a different room. The persona Cath displays results in her staying in isolation throughout her college life.

Cath has been depicted as a character that is not ready to mingle with other students in college. In a particular instance, she has been noted for getting a difficulty to eat from the dining room. Instead, she decides to start leading an isolated life by having meals from her room. The primary cause that led to Cath having an isolated life in her initial days at college was probably due to their mother isolating them at their young age. Her mother decided to abandon her, because of her high value of progression in fiction writings. The mother influenced an unfavorable development of her life to the extent that she became an introvert.

Cath has also been depicted to express Mary Sue attribute of introversion. Cath is shy, a trait that significantly negatively influence her college life. Shyness influences the character’s behavior resulting in having difficulty in engaging in small talks. Cath had difficulty in getting along with other students about engaging in conversation (Martaus 177). This weakness resulted in her leading an isolated life. She is having a difficulty with managing her destroyed relationship with her sister.

Understanding the tenets of Mary Sue in literature

Mary Sue has a personality, which she does not appreciate, but is highly preferred by others. However, Mary Sue may be shy or socially isolated, other characters are attracted to her. In the Fangirl fiction story, Reagan and Levi are attracted to Cath regardless being an introvert. They relate to the main actor in the story due to the desirable characters that she displays, and feel comfortable associating with Cath, because of her prowess in writing and having a cool life.

The Mary Sue is highly incorruptible (Martaus 177). She is not affected by sex, power, fame, or love from other characters. She prefers to retain her traits and avoids influence from other forces. The influencing forces may be friends, parents, and the sociological changes. The character resists from influencing factors even if they may portray real danger. Such characters are isolated with other members of the community because of the high degree of rigidity. The contemporary world is greatly changing due to the high technological changes.

Research layout

The development of the research was based on basic fundamental issues that dictate the true characteristics of Mary Sue fanfiction (Bok 16). The research was developed basing on the main issues that the author used in developing Mary Sue character in Fangirl.

One criterion was an analysis of the visible attributes of the character (Black 126). Mary Sue in Fangirl is best understood by the analysis of various interactions that the main character, Cath is exposed (Martaus 178). By using the visible attributes of Cath, analysis was achieved on the extent to which she was mistreated in both college and life at home. She is mistreated by her sister through subjecting her to isolation making her lead an isolated life in all her school life

The other criterion was dwelling in studying her likes and dislikes in her college life. In most instances, Cath is noted dwelling in building her character by ensuring that she remains untainted by the college life. She like doing things that build her attributes of being a perfect performer in writing fiction.

The research was also based on character relationships. The author has precisely used the importance of embracing unity among the characters in the Fangirl. The type of friends that associate with Cath helped in getting more understanding of the basic characteristics, which portray Mary Sue in fiction. Levi and Reagan show different attachment to Cath enabling readers to create a generalization on the Mary Sue in the fiction. Both Levi and Reagan are portrayed to be sympathetic to the main character (Bok 11). However, Levi’s friendship is ill-intended, because he wants to get Cath as a lover, but not to support her growth in interpersonal characteristics.

Analysis of the author’s purpose in writing the Fanfiction also helped in coming up with more understanding of the role of Mary Sue in Fanfiction. The author’s purpose in building the Fanfiction is static. Through the in-depth analysis of the author’s intent on developing the characters, I gained more understanding of the character’s main attributes.

Development of the character understands through the formulation of a better character analysis (Black 124). The research dwelled in analysing Cath’s intellectual, social, and emotional attributes. Through the proper analysis of the character’s intellectual capacity, a better understanding of the role of Mary Sue in developing consistency of Cath in embracing writing skills is enabled. Cath highly regarded the importance of educational excellence, hence leading to the development of superior writing abilities thus fulfilling the character of the intellectual capacity of Mary Sue (Bok 17). She always takes more time in isolation inside her room writing on her favourite fanfiction characters.

Analysis of the manner, in which the author organized the plot through following strict rules. The adherence to fanfiction writing rules is meant to develop a deeper understanding of Mary Sue in fiction. In-depth analysis of the organization of the book helped to get a full understanding of the intentions that prompted the author to develop the story (Black 120). The story is designed by portraying the main character to having rigid standards of life. Her Mary Sue does not become influenced by other characters. She has been developed as an independent-minded character that is not influenced even by the closest members of the family. Cath remains with her firm stand of not going out to meet new people even after being encouraged by her father and sister. Cath is also emphasizing Mary Sue character by showing her consistency in building strong family ties (Bok 20). Even after Wren distances herself from her, she keeps on persuading her to stop her immoral characters. Cath is also firm in encouraging her father to remain focused on building a stronger family.

Finally, a precise analysis of the author’s role in building Mary Sue in fanfiction was enabled. The author shows consistency in various aspects of character development. Mary Sue in Fangirl has been developed consistently by following most of the characteristics that she should be having. The author has embraced the use of character rigidity, isolated lifestyle in fanfiction, and proper following of the set rules and regulations that are set in any social setting.


Fangirl is composed of various attributes of Mary Sue. The character has been developed through a clear focus on Cath’s rigidity of characteristics in keeping her ambitions in having a precise definition of life. She is not influenced by the external forces of her friends and sister. The Character has also been developed by a strict adherence to the attribute of isolated life. Cath leads an isolated life and engages her free time in developing her writing skills.

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