Mary Sue Character

Mary Sue in literature is a innovative character that is always following the minimum requirements set by the author. Mary Sue is always exceptional in bodily appearance and is liked by different characters. In many instances, Mary Sue is always a self-introvert rather than being extrovert.
In Fangirl, there are two characters, that are portraying attributes of Mary Sue, Cath, and Levi. Cath is glued to her past fiction writing which is portrayed by using her endless efforts in following her dream of writing. She always takes more time attending to her want of perfecting her writing skills.
Mary Sue has taken a great transformation in fanfiction writing by bringing in more writing competencies that have assisted authors to instil creativity among the readers. The transformation enabled Rainbow Rowell to have a clear focus on developing Cath in Fangirl. The author depicted Cath as a strong character, who is not corrupted by any influence.

Cath has been depicted as a character who is always ready to safeguard her past relationships. She is always seen to engage her past by constantly trying to remind her sister Wren to remain focused in life and avoid her immoral actions.

Cath has also been depicted as a character that is always ready to improve in her endeavors. She avoids all distractions from all other characters including her sister. When Wren tries to influence her to start meeting new people, she insists on having a solitary life.

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