Marriage Sexuality

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Even in the modern world, the lessons on marital sexuality pose major challenges for the theologians. Although some agree that marriage is sacred, others argue that marriage is sacred. The most critical aspects of marital sexuality would therefore be in this article. The bond between marriage and the church is one of the main aspects. Marriage is holy, since the analogy of Jesus is that He is the Bridegroom and that the Church is the Bride. Just like Jesus developed a close bond with the church, couples in their marriages should duplicate that. Men should, therefore, like Jesus loved the church, love their wives. Another key notion is the relation between pleasure in marriage and sin. According to some theologians, a marriage that is founded on pleasure is a sin. Studies strive to ascertain whether there was consummation before Adam and Eve sinned. In this perspective, they deem the desire for pleasure ultimately led to sin. Marriage should, therefore, be bounded by Christ-like love instead of fulfilling pleasure. In that regard, as the third item states, marriage should be done for three key reasons. They include mutual support, desire for procreation, and remedy for concupiscence. By mutual support, married couples can assist one another even at old age. They also quench their bodily desires and procreate. All these are fundamental elements of marriage.

The fourth item seeks to illustrate whether people sin in marriage. As purported by St. Liguori, it is not sinful to indulge in sex even if the sole purpose in not procreation. For example, a married couple could be seeking sexual pleasure but are not willing to conceive due to poverty or other reasons. Finally, love is the most important element in marriage. Though theologians differ on how to express love, there is no debate that it is a fundamental constituent of marriage. Married love is special, multiple, and cordial. It should also be spiritual so that it can lead to salvation. As such, marriage should not act as a hindrance to achieving salvation. Instead, it ought to be a bedrock of attaining salvation.

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