Marriage and Divorce

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Divorce, on occasion considered as the marriage dissolution, can be conceptualized as termination of the marital union by canceling the legal marriage duties and duties. As a result, the matrimonial bonds are dissolved as per the rule of law as specified in different countries. The variant in the divorce laws globally give rise to specific aspects to be considered in the marriage dissolution process.
Divorce in the Saudi Arabian society is grounded on the Wahhabi Islam, which provides for strict recommendations on life before marriage and during the marriage. The Wahabi societal legal guidelines prohibit any form of interaction between the genders, and consequently, the human beings who get married usually have the least knowledge about each other.
In the recent years, the rate of divorce in Saudi Arabia has been reported to increase considerably. The society has been reported to blame the blame the empowerment of the women through western culture influence on the local culture in which the women are currently being allowed to speak up. The paper is an attempt to show the reasons as to why there is the increase in the divorce rate over the past few years. Furthermore, the paper seeks to explain how the sacred view of the marital institution can be used as a tool to reducing the rate of divorce in the Saudi Arabian society. By examining the views provided by several respondents from the Saudi Arabian society, the paper will demonstrate the responsibilities of the legal systems in the country regarding the marriage institution, and how the Islam religion, being the dominant culture in the region, views divorce.

Cultural Imperialism

Cultural imperialism can be considered as the instance in which one culture or an element of culture is perceived to be having more authority compared to the others. Under cultural imperialism, there is a deliberate attempt of one culture to exercise domination over others, through military means. As a result, there came up different forms of cultural imperialism resulting from the economic hegemony and power acquisition through political means. The most common means of cultural imperialism can, therefore, be examined through colonialism and post-colonialism eras.

The colonialism era was marked by most of the European countries exercising domination over other nations globally. As a matter of fact, taking the example of the Great Britain, it can be seen that, at one point in time, the nation ruled about half of the world. The political power that the country had besides the economic power contributed to the ease with which the country managed to conquer the other nations.

From the post-colonialism era, it is observed that the less developed countries are subjected to numerous rules on how to utilize their resources. In fact, language is one of the key cultural aspects, and yet it has been taken over by the European countries dictating the language to be used in most of their former colonies. For instance, observing the African continent, it ca be seen that French and English are widely spoken than any other language.

Conclusively, the cultural imperialism, though has been in existence, for a very log time, it is still considered as a threat to every nation. As a matter of fact, most of the cultures like languages for different societies are being suppressed. The dominant cultures like the German, French, among others, are taking over by ensuring the international communication is structured in several European languages.

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