Marijuana Legalization In the U.S

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Over the course of the year, a number of contentious topics have surfaced in society, one of which is the decision about whether or not to legalize the public use of marijuana in the United States. Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is regarded as a psychoactive plant. It is important to remember that, over time, a large segment of American society has developed a strong interest in and enjoyment from the use of this drug. As a result, the aim of this research is to decide whether marijuana should be legalized in the United States. The study will carry out a broad analysis of concepts developed in support of the Legalization of marijuana in a bid to point out why the drug should be legalized in the United States (Hasin and Deborah 1238).
Marijuana, despite some people, dislike it, a lot of people have come up to argue that it has varied of benefits ranging from economic, health wise and even socially. In the following paragraph, we shall try to see the importance marijuana to the people that use it not only in America but worldwide and vary whether it needs to be legalized in America or not.
Some hospitals in the USA have verified that indeed Marijuana is a cure for some disorders, such as sleeping disorders. Whereas some people consider marijuana severe hectic that needs not even to be discussed. Some doctors in the USA are using it to cure some diseases and sickness being faced by the Americans. After scientific research, we discover that no other better medicine can treat this condition better than marijuana. With the advancement of medical science and broad knowledge in the field of medical research, it has been discovered that the use of marijuana could serve as a means of reducing the effects of some illness and could also serve as a means of curing such diseases. According to the report filed by discovery health article, marijuana is an effective medication for the relives of symptoms such as nausea. The drug is also useful for individual suffering for HIV and who have lost weight due to lack of appetite. Hence stimulating their taste and offering a return to proper food intake. The use marijuana is also an efficient way of relaxing spasm, muscle tensions, and chronic pains
There is need to mention the fact unlike other drugs and pharmaceutical products, it has not been reported that anyone died as a result of the excessive and overdose consumption of marijuana. Therefore marijuana is considered to be a lot safer than many other already legalised drugs in America. The legalisation of cannabis could also serve as a form of trade benefits of the United States. It will result in the growth of the country’s GDP and result in an increased foreign exchanged if produced and sold to countries such Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Australia who have already legalized the drug. The endorsement of marijuana in the United States will also boost the economy and serve as a source of employment for its citizens.
Secondly, marijuana serves as a form of economic benefit for the government. It is believed that when legalised a good number of the general public will purchase and use the drug, and thus the government can tax the profits of the sellers and manufacturers. It could be considered as good sources of revenue generation of the state. (Koppel and Barbara 1560)
There is need note that over the years a couple of health benefits has been associated with the use of marijuana. Medical practitioners have pointed out that the application is marijuana serves as a means of regulating sleeping disorders. Patients with gross insomnia can use marijuana in a bid to attain a sound sleep. Marijuana contains some sleep aiding components that are used in clinical pharmacology therapy. Hence it helps the quick and immediate rest. Therefore is it important not that the use of marijuana is of benefit regarding the aid it offers to an individual with sleeping dysfunctions (Phillips and Jennan 150)
Over the years most notions against the use of marijuana are based on the fact that is it considered as a gateway to other drugs. It is believed that the persisted consumption of these drugs creates a need for more and hence the development of those tendencies to go in search of more complex drugs such as cocaine heroin and meth. This augments should be refuted based on the fact that there is no evidence to prove such claims. It is imperative to note that a couple of countries like Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Australia, have already legalised the use of marijuana. There are reports of a surge in the consumption of cocaine heroin and meth in such countries.
In conclusion, there is need to point out that after an in-depth analysis of the concepts developed in support of the Legalization of marijuana, it is essential to expressly state that the government should legalise the use of marijuana. This notion is based on the excessive positive effects associated with the use of the drug. There need to point out that the American society is already benefiting from the impact of this drug and if legalised it will result in a better situation for the general public. Therefore all augments in against of the legalization of marijuana should be refused based on the benefits it poses to individuals, the government and the society at large.
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