Marcus Aurelius Meditations

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Marcus is one of the most renowned philosophers of which one of his core works, registered as Meditations, is very interesting. In the passage of his Med 11.33-38 Marcus’ attraction to stoicism is illustrated (Hadot 131). This journey is of importance in light of this 171-175 AD period and the fame which Epictetus earned in the second century, especially in this second, when several early sources recorded the recognition of Epictetus as one of the most important stoics of the time, better famous than Plato. The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius were very inciteful in understanding his campaigns. What is of interest in this paper is the passage on Meditation 5.16 (Hadot 109). The interesting aspect in this passage that warrants the need to focus on it is the manner in which Marcus engages in a series of philosophical deeds. This journey in the meditation is very significant based on the fact that the reflective exercises by Marcus are created to take in the philosophical concepts with the aim of altering his character or “dye his soul” as he describes in his passages by the various theories (Hadot 112).

In Med 8.49, Marcus records a significant entry that assists a reader to understand the train of thought associated with him. Marcus mentions, “Do not say more to yourself than the first impression report.” This passage is of the essence due to the fact that it offers a unique insight into the operations of Marcus. He talks about “first impressions” which are well known to come before judgment (Hadot 119). Here, Marcus reveals the way the happiness of humans is directly related to correct examinations of a person’s impressions or opinions.

Work Cited

Hadot, Pierre. The Inner Citadel: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Harvard University Press, 1998.

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