Many times, we have felt betrayed by our loved ones, professional colleagues,

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On an intimate and wider basis, we have always been cheated by our loved ones, professional friends, and acquaintances. Betrayal is described as a breach of confidence or faith by another on which one relies. It has serious ramifications on both the betrayer and the betrayed. This motif is prominent in Shakespeare’s Othello. Othello puts his trust in Iago, who repeatedly manipulates him. However, the latter’s decisions were only inspired by his failure to be elevated to the rank of colonel, and in his place, Michael Cassio is offered this chance despite his lack of experience. A detailing of the various forms of betrayal evident in my life is instrumental in illustrating the same theme as depicted in Shakespeare’s Othello.

Iago’s actions lead to Othello killing Desdemona, the love of his life, and subsequently, he ended his life. Nevertheless, Iago’s betrayal is evident because as Othello’s ensign he should have remained loyal to his commander even though he was passed up for a promotion he felt qualified for (Shakespeare, 2014, 1.1. 42). This theme is also evident in my life. My biological father was abusive to my other in addition to extending the same treatment to my brother and I. It resulted in my mother having to leave him. He has never been a part of my life. However, I feel that this is a form of betrayal. A father’s role is to look after his family and ensure that their wellbeing is not compromised. However, my dad betrayed us as he was the primary person that exposed our family to adverse treatment. Children should neither have to grow up watching their mother being emotionally and physically abused nor receiving the same treatment.

Additionally, Othello betrayed his marriage by killing Desdemona over infidelity claims even though she was innocent (Shakespeare, 2014, 5.2. 30-45). A married man promises to treat his wife appropriately as they grow old together. Therefore, Othello should have listened to his wife instead of listening to outsiders. My father chose to treat my mother with contempt by being physically and emotionally abusive. Hence, my dad is guilty of marriage betrayal by resulting in unfitting treatment of his wife. Additionally, my ex-husband and I can also be said to have betrayed our marriage. When getting married, we had promised to be with each other through thick and thin. Consequently, our union should not have reached a point where I fell out of love resulting in our separation.

In conclusion, comprehensive details concerning the various forms of betrayal that I have gone through in my life are relative to the theme of betrayal depicted in Shakespeare’s Othello. Firstly, Iago’s betrayal is manifested in his manipulation of his commander to the point of the latter killing his wife and himself. My biological father is also guilty of the same since he chose to expose his family to adverse treatment even though his role was to ensure that such aspects were never present in our lives. Secondly, marriage betrayal is seen in Othello choosing to believe another person instead of his wife. My father wrongfully treated my mother whereas a married man has already promised to treat his wife well. Also, my ex-husband and I betrayed our union since we should not have reached a point where I felt out of love, and we had to separate.

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