managing and tracking performance

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Organizations use the monitoring device to increase the quality and productivity of their workers’ activities. Therefore, compilations of monitoring strategies are used to rank employees and corporate results in order to achieve the company’s target.
The use of dashboards is one of the tools used by administrators to measure organizational efficiency. Dashboards use various measures to assess performance indicators in different divisions (Camman et al, 2017). For example, the dashboard of the accounting department can contain the feedback section on the error rates and the consistency of the invoice processing section. Similarly, managers use benchmarking whereby the organizational performance index is compared with the other related organizations. For instance, most universities have exchange programs that focus on identifying similarities and differences in curriculum content delivery. “Cultural change in an organization is also a tracking method used. The management can decide to change organization’s values, norms, and beliefs and compare their effect on production with previous ones.

On the other hand, employees are also tracked using various ways which include performance reviews. The reviews have spaces where employees fill in their assessment of performance such as if it’s quality or complicated. Similarly, Peer appraisals credit or discredit employees’ performance. Spaced forms are used where the employees comment about their colleagues’ dedication, teamwork, and so on (Bogetof, 2013). Additionally, tracking of customer complains through use of Excel spreadsheets help to visualize customers’ comments on service delivery, product performance, and general customer-employee relationship.

On realization of negative feedback on organization’s performance, managers institute various mechanisms to solve the case. These mechanisms include the setting of achievable goals for failed employees, carefully monitoring the achievement of these goals by employees and sharing the progress report to such an employee (Bogetof, 2013). Rewarding an employee for a positive feedback or firing in cases of repeated mistake is also another way of changing organization’s performance.


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