Management of Human Resources

Question 1: Explain two internal and two external Sources of Recruitment
Promotion is referred to as an internal source of recruitment. An employee can be given a promotion to a higher position either within the same department in an organization or to another department. This may happen when this employee has been diligent and loyal to the work in the organization. However, there will be greater responsibilities. The recruitment should not be given to anyone who has not been conversant with the organization policies and processes. An internal source of recruitment may involve recalling back a retired employee to work. A retired employee is an experienced worker in that field, therefore when an organization falls short of qualified staff to carry out certain tasks, then the retired employee could take over and do it. A retired employee has all the experiences required and they do not require training and would do the job efficiently from the word go.
Internet advertisements as an external recruitment source reach a greater number of potential candidates within a shorter time and cost the company less money and less time to recruit. Organisations may opt to use their own website or recruitment search engines.
Recruitment agencies can be used for jobs where a large number of candidates are likely to apply. They can therefore be more economical to utilize in the initial screening of potential employees as they carry out the short listing process for the organization and recommend one or two final ones. They also already have a large database of people with different skills making it faster to recruit.
Question 2: Three HR Practices suitable for any police organization are
Intended HR practices best suited for a Police Organization should ensure laws and policies that protect citizens, the police officers, information and property. Considering police officers have to be exposed to dangerous situations and they handle dangerous weapons, drugs and other substances confiscated from criminals, HR has to ensure their safety at all times.
Actual HR practices that could actually be implemented in the Police department are that the officers are qualified for their jobs, criminals, officers, property and information are protected to the best level possible and any fraud discovered is punishable to the full extent of the law.
Perceived HR practices are not always at par with the police officers. Senior police should continuously interpret and highlight the policies to all so that they understand and adhere to them accordingly.
Explain How the Employees_x0092_ Perception of the HR Policy Will Affect the HR Outcomes and the Organization_x0092_s Ultimate Business Goals
How employees perceive HR policies could affect how they carry out their duties and responsibilities and in the long run affect an organisations bottom line, reputation, growth, and development. The policies should be understood, should be generally acceptable motivational, not biased and focused to development of employees and the organization.
In What Ways Can the HR Department Assist in the Implementation of a Given Policy
The HR department can assist in the implementation of a policy by engaging employees in the making of the policy and training them on how best to implement it for their good and that of the organization.
Question 3: Justification of Each Step in the Implementation Process
HR should ensure that employees develop their knowledge and skills while at work so that they continue to improve in performance, become more innovative and efficient. They focus on each individual specific need and come up with training programs to develop them. Individuals have specific duties they carry out on their own and other times they have to work as a team. Assessing them from both angles helps to identify their strengths and weaknesses better and to know where to best place them in the organization.
In order to keep employees motivated and performance high, they should be rewarded for their good work. They should be paid well and on time for work done, promoted when opportunities arise, and given rewards and bonuses for exceeding set targets or superseding expectations. Employees should understand and accept that all rewards, promotions, salary increments or bonuses are based purely on performance. It avoids biasness.
Employees should also be motivated further by acknowledgement of their efforts, outstanding performances, gestures or behaviors. This keeps everyone on toes and a competitive atmosphere which leads to great results at the workplace.
In every organization, there should be certain policies and practices put in place to ensure good working ethics. They include salary scales, bonuses, promotions, training programs, working hours, dress code, key performance indicators, duties and responsibilities, crimes and punishments. They should be documented and put in the contract between the employer and the employee so that in the event of any disagreement, it can be referred to.
The HR planning process revolves around ensuring that all departments in the organization have the right number of employees with the correct qualifications, knowledge and skill set. They ensure employees have good working conditions and they are well rewarded for their work. Should employees fail, they are punished accordingly. Times change and technology changes hence the HR has to ensure employees are well trained and developed so that their skills are level with the duties they have to carry out.

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