Main features and cultural aspects in family therapy

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Family borders are intangible settings set up to identify and differentiate it from other communities, as well as to control data flowing in and out of the family (Becvar & Becvar, 2017). The limits are important in that they regulate how members of the family relate to each other across different subsystems based on preferences, generation, and sex. Such communities are very strict, like the Jewish, whose members are not permitted to leave families and intermarry and are banned if they do so. On the other hand, American culture is accessible where knowledge spreads openly in and out of the family and every other entity is welcome. Symptom Maintenance and Its Importance in Counselling Children

In a family, everyone gives the other their symptoms. Hence they help each other to maintain the symptoms be they good or undesirable. At times, the symptoms may get an individual out of the family context. Since the traits are shared, between family members, a child without a doubt conforms to these roles as they cannot survive without their family members of their parents who provide emotional and physical support. Understanding the symptoms help in therapeutic help for children to reach self-realization as well as integrating them into the family.

Attribution of Meaning about A Child’s or An Adolescent’s Behavior

This is the process by which cause of behaviors in children is explained about those exhibited by their family members during a confrontation (Markel & Wiener, 2014). For instance, in some parts of Africa, if children’s behaviors are attributed to malevolent motivations, then parents act aggressively at times beating them up. In the same manner, a child who is bullied in school might helplessly desire to engage in harmful behaviors due to inadequate capacities, and in return, the parents respond sympathetically.

Family Rules and Their Importance When Working with Adolescents and Children

These are positive statements on how a family wants to treat and look after its members (Becvar & Becvar, 2017). The importance of these rules is that they help members get along well and encourage peace. It is normal in the US cultures to involve children as young as three years in making family rules while in some cultures like in Africa, making of the rules is entirely and exclusively adults duty.


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