Lukes, Steven. Power: A Radical View. , 2005. Internet resource.

1 or 2 sentences Synopsis of the Text The author discusses various aspects of power. A one-dimensional perspective of power focuses on actions, decisions, issues, observables, and interests. The two-dimensional perspective focuses on political agenda decision-making and control, issues and potential issues, observable conflicts, and subjective interests. In addition to the fundamental foci of the other two dimensions, the three-dimensional approach focuses on subjective and real interests.
What is the major point or question that this author is attempting to answer?
The author is trying to respond to the questions surrounding the social reality of power in regards to its different dimensions and people of influence in the society
What is the author’s main argument? His main point of argument is that power is largely controlled by the most influential people in the society.
What important concepts and theories are presented? Concepts
Power exists as a very broad concept.
Power imposes internal constraints
Three dimensional views of power

What relevance does this text have to the other readings for the week, or themes presented in this course? The text offers a wide understanding of power in relation to its impact on the society. It expands the general view that power is controlled by the rich elite in the society.
Does the author discuss an explicit methodology to answer their questions? If so, what? The author has not offered explicit methodology for answering the questions.
Does the author effectively convey their argument? What are the weaknesses of the article/chapter? What are its strengths? The author has effectively conveyed his information by offering elaborate examples using simple language that can easily be understood by everyone. The main weakness of the article is that is has failed to use practical cases in the current political systems.
Identify 2 questions for a class discussion What is the role of power in creating secure and peaceful societies?
Which of the three dimensional approaches to power is largely applicable today?

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