Love of Individuals in South Africa

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In the lovely Savannah of South Africa where the sun always kissed the earth and gave way for the moon to caress her at night, the birds have been always melodious, and the rivers gently glided along their course. In this remote vicinity of the world, love struck two individuals and started them down a journey of affection and tragedy. Theirs supposed to be the magic that happened with one swift glance and disappeared almost as fast.
Ngozi is beautiful, elegant with supple dark and flawless skin that is the fancy of every suitor. Furthermore, she was known for her mild nature in spite of the fact that she was born to royalty, being the daughter of the chieftain. She was an only child of her parents but the darling of everyone in the village. She was soft spoken with beautifully curved and full hips.

She was focused on being a good princess, as honorable as was expecteedd by her parents and the community. She would come of age and marry a prince from the fiercest tribes and grow their military capability while also acquiring an ally for her community. However, as she watched the doe and her stag cuddle in the long golden grass of the Savannah, her longing grew and she wondered what it would feel to have what the stag and doe had. As if sent from above, Kovu walked into her life just then.

That evening as she strolled in the forest, she decided to go swimming. It was then that Kovu saw her for the first time. He had an athletic figure and posed like a warrior. He looked as she swam and he saw a goddess, perfect and breath-taking. He could not stop watching her as she flawlessly swam in the water like the fish. She noticed him and looked at his eyes which were dark as a moonless night and seemed to assert that they were the answer to her wild racing heart. That evening became a witness to the greatest love between a man and a woman.

Kovu was a prince and a musician at heart. His flute was an extension of himself. He was rumored to have been gifted by the gods themselves. He was tall, dark and had a face fit for a prince. All the ladies in the village blushed at the very mention of his name. He sat on the grass as he held his love in his arms, picked up his flute and played a love song that entranced nature itself. This was how he hoped their days would be for a thousand years after that great wedding witnessed by the gods themselves. However, fate had other plans. Ngozi was taken by Buku, the god of death too soon during childbirth.

Kovu cried painfully to the god of life. He played a dirge on his flute as tears streamed down his face. The whole world, even Buku listened and was moved. Moved enough to decide to lend him back his love for a few more years. Beautiful Ngozi was to return to his beloved at River Lanu, where the two lovers had first met. Kovu was to look to the East as the sun rose as he stood by the river bank. He was not too look at Ngozi until the sun was fully up in the sky. However, he could not help but look as the water stirred. He caught a glimpse of the princess, who was close to the surface, as she started sinking back into the deep, with tears in her eyes. Kovu cried out loud, his voice resonating throughout the land, he found her and then lost her again. Inconsolable, he jumped into the river and drowned as he tried to follow his love.

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