Love Discussion

Love is a composition of dumb luck, limitless hard work, and timing. There is no clear response to questions such as, are there two people made for each other? Does destiny exist? Relationships are hard, messy, and full of potholes. Despite all these, people usually end up assembly reliable and supportive partners. People need to find companions who would set their hearts into flames and drive them crazy. Often, individuals figure out and sketch formula to finding true love when matters turn messy. They end up feeling that if only they had achieved that, they would be in a bed of roses.
Building an essential flowchart that would land one into the arms of the proper person is the primary key to falling in love, but honestly, there is not a perfect formula. Romantic love that takes on a kind of grandeur is more like kitchen test, which requires people to experiment and determine if they can come out with a good and a bad dish. Just like Tita’s recipes in Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate, love has its spices, unique ingredients, and direction of preparation. It is an individual’s ingredients, and methods of preparation that will get him or her want his or her desires. The main ingredient in love is timing. Alongside timing, one also need to have patience, communication, a chemistry of emotions, separate hobbies, two hearts with a common interest, compassion for each other, forgiveness, appreciation, trust, and a touch of spices to keep the relationship moving.

The direction of preparation is another spice in love recipe. One must lead his or her life and create his or her happiness. It is important for individuals to be in a position of generating their happiness before inviting other people into their lives. When there is a feeling that an individual is worth risking and fighting for, it would only be appropriate for one to break the walls they have constructed for them to remain committed and protect the relationship. Love is not about Romeo and Juliet who died together. Rather, it is about being ready to die for each other. Create your great world full of romance and passion; mix it with a little comedy, some quill and rose petals.

It is important for anybody who is interested in committing himself or herself in relationship to determine and prioritize his or her objectives and make sure he or she gives his or her relationship maximum time. This will ensure that it does not crumble. Mix a good amount of kindness incorporated with some sweetness. Take care of each other with tenderness like Hanna’s patient in the English Patient. Work on their problems and accept walking away in the heat of moments. Those in love should collectively find solutions to their problems rather than walking away. Enjoy all the moments and small things together. Love is about people who want the same thing together. Once everything and timing fall into place put all your efforts into the relationship. Melt your loyalty with politeness and your love will work.

Concisely, it is also important to know that this might not be the best recipe for the love of all the relationships that do not work. The same procedure will not work for everybody. There is the need to gather momentum to find ingredients that would provide an absolute satisfaction to people’s desires.

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