love and relationship

It’s always about two people getting to know each other in love and relationship matters, sometimes it can be a casual thing, the friendship that develops with time into something concrete and matures into intimacy and eventually marriage. Based on how people view life, experience, perceptions and what they believe is real, each relationship is different. We are going to explore the psychological viewpoints behind relationships in this article. Sex is a continuously risky affair, once individuals are entirely drawn in it, chances of pregnancy, diseases, physical and emotional damage may occur (Hock, 2015). Falling in love, infatuation, neglection, desertion, lowered self-esteem, paranoia, phobia and the hyper ecstasy psychosis is altogether possible mental and emotional after effects of sex (Buss, 2015. A single intimate, impulsive sexual experience might transform the life pattern of an individual, both positively or negatively.

Furthermore, sexuality is innately distinctive for both females and males (Hock, 2015). The majority of men have a tendency to view sex as a fascination that they can certainly not get satisfied with. Simultaneously, a good number of women perceive sex as an auxiliary in matters of significance regarding affection, physical intimacy alongside assurance (Buss, 2015. Men most likely dissociate sex from love, Eros or passion; while women lean towards equating the two. Apparently, Males normally are less selective or committed in sexual gratification pursuit, in contrast, women are to some extent more discriminatory and attentive completely on a specific sexual companion at a time (McKinney & Sprecher, 2014). On the whole sex in women mostly concerns relationship and reproduction primarily, in addition to enjoyment and sexual fulfillment which falls second.

In many relationships, disagreements are inevitable even considering the most flourishing ones. For a matter of a fact, conflict is healthy for the growth of the relationships (McKinney & Sprecher, 2014). What weighs most is how the disputes are handled how solutions are found whether by consensus, compromises or intervention. People treat relationship conflicts differently, considering individuals personalities, for instance, some are high tempered, low tempered, introverts and others have aggressive personalities (Buss, 2015. In the first few weeks into your relationship when you start experiencing some fight, an individual should start thinking of reconsidering about the whole issue of the relationship. At this point, the great assumption is that both of you are in love and will do close to anything to make sure everything works. In the first weeks, I observed that my partner has a controlling behavior, abusive and violent and lied to me several times (Hock, 2015). The two of us decide to work our problems out, so he promised to stop the domineering attitude and violent behavior, and also be honest and straight with me. Conversely, I promised not to give him any reason to be jealous and be faithful, and we both agreed to maintain regular communication.

After making these resolutions, the relationship was back to track as well as the intimacy life was so assuring and promising for the future (Buss, 2015. Although, a little while later I came to discover through a mutual friend that my companion has a long sexual past that he did not reveal (Hock, 2015). At the moment, I was bothered that I may have contracted some disease. I proceeded to the hospital to be examined since I suspected that I had a sexually transmitted infection. Fortunately, the worst nightmare is confirmed, STI tested negative (McKinney & Sprecher, 2014). But then I was confirmed as being pregnant, and this comes as a surprise since we did everything to prevent that from happening. Both of us were using condoms, and I was also using the contraceptive pills. Both of us now were left with a tough choice to make regarding the pregnancy.

Subsequently I am a principled person, I decided to carry the pregnancy to the full term. It was also an opportunity to make our relationship work and grow even stronger (Buss, 2015). It seemed like this was not enough to hold the relationship together, my partner left without good reason (McKinney & Sprecher, 2014). I tried over and again to see what I did wrong, but there was absolutely no wrong I did. It was a toughest physiological moment for me, and I leave with denial when the reality struck me. What was left for me now was being a good parent and do not let myself repeat the same mistake (Hock, 2015). In planning my future, I will:

Take time before getting into another relationship.

Be cautious when am involved with someone.

Use contraceptives (McKinney & Sprecher, 2014).

Take time to know the person I get involved with (Hock, 2015).

In conclusion, to judge a relationship, it should require intimacy passion and commitment. A complete and fulfilled love should have these components to enjoy the richness and fulness of love. The responsibility part of it is the most logical aspect in relationship sustenance.


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