Logs of Observation

Lesson Observation Log for Field Experience and Practicum
Non-certified teachers complete a total of 15 logs
Certified teachers complete a total of 8 logs
Student Name:
Student ID:
Subject: Science
Type of Class (General/ Special Ed/Inclusion):
Lesson Topic: Green Energy
Cooperating Teacher:
Learning Objective:
The students are taught about the different things that can be carried out using green energy. The student will also be able to compare and contrast the advantages of renewable energy to hydropower or any other fuel-related energy source. The student will also have the opportunity to learn how to best put together the components used to produce these types of energy.
Applicable Common Core Learning Standard:
The student realizes that green energy can be attained on a daily basis with limited instances of inconveniences like rationing of power

Link with Prior Knowledge:

In the previous lessons, the teacher had taught the children how to operate solar charged gadgets like the torches and radio sets. They were also shown the various solar panels that are being used for charging these devices.

Key Vocabulary:

Charging, Lighting, Durability, and Portable were the main terminologies that the teacher was using during the lessons and practical


Solar Panel, Torch, and Rechargeable Batteries


At the start of the lesson, the teacher started by [pointing out the benefits that a child will often get with the availability of energy in the house. For example, an area without light will generate aspect of boredom compared to the child that is receiving light at their home. As the lesson was ending, the students were offered an opportunity to demonstrate the type of environment that they witness without energy (power) in their homes.

Lesson Plan Procedures:

The student was clustered in groups and provided with various gadgets that use green energy. They are then offered with the guidelines on how they are operated and maintained. Lastly, precautions were also given to these children, helping them understand the pros and con when operating these items.

Medial Summary:

The student is offered an opportunity to showcase their ability to operate these gadgets as the teacher points out the difficulties that the students face in using these items.

Differentiated Instruction:

The teacher then engages the children in a discussion amongst themselves to identify the level of grasp that they have attained from the lesson.

Opportunities for Practice:

The student was then offered an opportunity to go home with some of these items and test their abilities to work. Similarly, they were also asked to make a comparison to similar items that do not use green energy.

Final Summary:

The student is then offered an opportunity to identify the benefits of this source of energy and also point out the challenges that they have faced during the lesson.


The teacher had a scorecard for each student guiding him on the student’s capabilities to understand and implement these concepts.

Classroom Management:

The different groups in the class had a leader that reported to the teacher in case of any class issues. However, the group leaders had the task of controlling their peers and also providing feedback regarding the raised concerns.

Attention to Multicultural Issues:

The teacher had the required skills to communicate with the children from various regions. The primary goal was to have these students attain similar levels of knowledge about the topic.

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