Logistic Assistance Proposal for Presentation Given to Board of Directors

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As recently appointed Manager of the newly opened Off-White flagship store in Tokyo, I have seen a rise in many responsibilities. In one month, I was asked to give a big presentation and report on the business to the Board of Directors. Bearing in mind the importance of presenting skills in this matter, I think it would be helpful to attend public speaking working sessions to produce high-impact presentations. I have found a company called Dale Carnegie Training located in Tokyo that offers the related training. Established in 1912, Dale Carnegie Training focuses on guiding management to success with over 100 years of experience. It is the only global training company to be ISO 9001 certified. The company specializes in 6 core areas including presentation effectiveness and leadership development, and it has reported a 97.7% satisfaction rate over its lifetime. The two days_x0092_ workshop I intend to join is called _x0093_Persuasive, Confident, Impressive – Presentation Success Secrets,_x0094_ which focus on increasing credibility, presenting complex information and responding to pressure situations.
The Off-White Minato-ku flagship store has encountered a rapid increase in demand since it opened on July 9th, 2016. As the store manager, I am tasked with giving presentations and reports about summaries of the 2016 fall/winter sale and trend analysis regarding 2017 spring/ summer collection to the Board of Directors. These meetings are crucial to Off-White_x0092_s future development in Japan since the Board is considering opening a second flagship store in Osaka. An appealing complementary slideshow needs to be created with accurate data to attract and impress the audience. The first module of this workshop dives into how to create a positive first impression by adjusting the color, heading, and layout in PowerPoint. I am also aware that Off-White*Issey Miyaki limited edition will be released in ten days, the store will experience peak season. So I would not have too much time for a longer session. The training will assist me in delivering the presentations and benefit the expansion strategies of Off-White Japan.
Budgeting and Benefit Analysis
A single flight to Nayoga in a business class costs $300 while a single trip from Osaka to Tokyo is $420, plus $70 train ticket from Nayaga to Osaka. Hotel prices during the meetings are of an estimated average of $110 per night while meals and other necessities will amount to $500. The trip will cost about $3000 in total, while the training session cost is $440 only.
Dale Carnegie Training will allow me to have a mastery of and adequate knowledge not only on public speaking and presentation but also in customer relations. As a general manager of Off-White, I will add value to our brand reputation by improving my abilities in soft skills. I aim to communicate Off-White_x0092_s culture and spirit better to at least 30% of our customers since one of the greatest marketing strategies of Off-White is the unique positioning of street-style spirit and culture. The training session will allow me to increase the revenue and client base.
Secondly, I have been known for my qualitative analysis skills when facing complex situations, as well as in-depth report writing. Off-White Tokyo is facing rapid growth due to its popularity and the second flagship store may open soon. As such, given my position, it is very likely to represent the company on different occasions including corporate functions. This training session in Dale Carnegie Training workshop will provide me with necessary skills base, and as such, I will be in a position to deliver the presentations in a better and more effective way. I am looking forward to getting the necessary assistance.

Yours faithfully
{Insert Name}

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