Literature Wk1 norton’s introduction

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I agree with Patricia Cantu’s feelings on the topic at hand, which is the tale of Connie’s behavior and the consequences of her decisions. Connie did get carried away with pretending to look cute and going out to socialize with strangers rather than helping with the family chores. The plot begins with a pretty young girl who seems to like life, gets excited when approached, and does whatever she wants (Mays 126). While also agreeing with Patricia, Connie seems to attract a lot of attention, but she has no idea how to handle what such circumstances come with, hence finds herself in a difficult situation to think of where she had been and where Arnold Friend wants to take her to.
The story ends when fear occupies Connie’s mind when shy tries to analise why Arnold Friend knows a lot about her, what he could do to her if she did not come out of the kitchen, and what he could do to her family. She finally agrees to give in when Arnold tricks her into trusting him (Mays 137). Therefore, such an ending was expected given the nature of association Connie kept her behaviors, as well as the increasing number of those who would take advantage of such girls in our communities.

Work Cited
Mays, Kelly J. The Norton Introduction to Literature. WW Norton & Company, 2015.

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