Life of David

In addition to defeating and subduing his pagan enemies, he was the second king of Israel and the United Israelites.
He made Jerusalem the political and religious capital of the world.
He was the greatest Psalm writer and poet among the Israelites. The Philistines were constantly threatening the Israelites, and the oppression grew to the point where the Israelites demanded a king.
It irritated Samuel, but God told him, “Listen to everything the people are saying; “it is not you whom they have rejected, but I as their king” (1 Samuel 8.7).”
As a result, Samuel anointed Saul as king.
He was different from the other Israelites physically (1 Sam. 9.2) as he was faithful for some time and defeated the Philistines (1 Sam. 11, 14) plus God rejected him because of his rebellion (1 Sam. 15)

Later on, Samuel anointed David who was the most unlikely person to be chosen compared to his brothers that shocked Samuel; however, God told Samuel that “The Lord doesn’t look at the things man looks at” (1 Sam. 16.7)

David played the harp to provide relief to Saul’s tormented spirit

The Philistines and Saul’s armies gathered at Socoh for a battle

David had taken food to his brothers, and he heard Goliath demanding to face a single Israelite army in the battle

All Israelites were scared including Saul, the king (“The Life of David” 2) but David volunteered and asked, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (1 Sam 17.26)

David fought Goliath using his sling (1 Sam 17.49) and killed him

David rose to the throne and served King Saul faithfully however his fame caused Saul to be jealous and attempted to kill him (1 Sam 18 -20)

David decided to flee for his life

While in exile he wandered in the wilderness staying in caves as Saul’s armies sought his life (1 Sam 21-26)

Other fugitives looked for David, but he led 600 families and had many opportunities to kill Saul, but he believed God anointed him

David fought against the Israelites enemies

David was anointed as a king and ruled Judah making it grow stronger than other territories

Ish-bosheth ruled, Saul’s son, Israel but became weak and was later murdered

David then got anointed the king of Israel

Some of his achievements include uniting Israelites, he was a legend for defeating several neighboring nations, conquered Canaanites Jerusalem city and made it Israel capital, established Jerusalem the spiritual capital by bringing the Ark of Covenant and made a lot of supply for the construction of the temple

Despite all that, there are sinful choices he made such as murdering Uriah after committing adultery with his wife Bathsheba, he handled Amnon’s crime unjustifiably and took his army census (2 Sam. 24)

David’s last years got marked by palace intrigue, undisciplined sons namely Absalom and Adonijah (1Kings 1.5-23) and Sheba’s rebellion that David proclaimed before his death

The undisciplined children committed murder and rebellions forcing David to flee from their betrayal

In conclusion, David was anointed the king but never became one immediately

He played the harp for Saul but was however compelled to go to exile as Saul wanted to kill him

When Saul eventually died, he became the King of Judah Kingdom and later on the whole Israel

He had many achievements at the same time declines

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