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People whose sexual tendencies are alien to society were identified as perverted for a longer period. In reality, even established businesses have not yet acknowledged the LGBT Community as recently as the late 20th century. Yet that has evolved over time, with more businesses accepting homosexuals, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals as well as those identified as straight people. Latest activities have been under way in the United States to address the rights of Homosexuals, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuels (LGBTs). There are many battlefronts which are being fought when it comes to the rights of the LGBT, as the name of this group is popularly abbreviated. One of the battlefronts for the LGBT rights is the issue of same-sex marriages. While some states have allowed people of the same sex to marry each other, other states have not upgraded their legislation to include same-sex marriage in their statutory laws. The other hotly contested issue about the LGBT is the issue of setting up separate bathrooms for transgender people. So far, eleven US states have enacted the transgender bathroom. Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, and North Carolina states were the first states to adopt the laws allowing transgender people to have their bathrooms (Thrasher, n.p).


One would expect that the United States, being the most developed nation on earth, would find it easy to enact the laws regarding the rights of LGBT people. Apparently, the US is only developed when it comes to its military and the economy; but the country is hardly developed when it comes to the social life of its people. For a long time, the LGBT groups have faced mounting opposition in their quest to gain their rightful place in the United States. Because of this, there are some states which have gone ahead of the others in recognizing the rights of LGBT.

Many states in America are coming to terms with the fact the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals deserve to be treated as well as other Americans. Indeed, many states are coming to terms with the fact people identify themselves with more than two genders. One of those states is Texas. And one of those places where LGBT rights are being fought for is Montrose Houston Texas. While the male and female genders are known to everybody; the transgender is a pretty much new phenomenon. The federal government has limited powers when it comes to enacting the transgender laws. However, there are certain conditions that the Washington government can put on state governments for them to enact the transgender laws. For instance, the federal government can deny funds to public schools or states that fail to adopt that transgender law to include transgender bathrooms. Thus, the federal government can only use limited powers in making the states to enact the laws. But this depends on the person who is at in charge of the White House.

Barrack Obama’s presidency was defined by liberal stand on issues of the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (LGBT). President Obama supported the rights of the gay community and extended by supporting the transgender (Haag, n.p. However, the change of guard at the White House has also resulted in a shift in policy. President Donald J. Trump does not support transgender bathrooms, and he has made a reversal of Obama’s administration’s support for transgender students in public schools to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity (National Centre for Transgender Equality, 2016).

The fight against the LGBT has manifested itself in the issue of transgender bathrooms. The issue of transgender bathrooms has generated a heated debate in the United States in the recent past. National conversations and discussions have focused on the issue of transgender bathrooms, especially after Donald Trump became the president and made it clear that his administration is not going to support the transgender bathrooms. This comes at a time when more than ten states have already enacted laws that support transgender bathrooms (Karimiet, n.p). So far eleven US states have enacted the transgender bathroom. Washington, Wisconsin, Texas, and North Carolina states were the first states to enact the laws allowing transgender people to have their bathrooms (National Centre for Transgender Equality, 2016). The transgender bill was put forward for hearing in Wisconsin State as early as 2013, allowing children in public schools to use bathroom facilities that match their preferred gender (Karimi, n.p). Children who have been assigned the transgender as their gender has had a problem choosing the bathrooms to use. They could either use the male or female gender bathrooms, but this was seen to be inappropriate. This is what led to the enactment of transgender bathrooms, and made the issue a national debate.

Texas has been at the forefront in recognizing the rights of LGBT. Indeed, it is Texas and Tennessee which followed on the heels of the first three states in promoting transgender bathrooms. Texas has had two bills filed in 2015 to try and enact legislation that would have required students to use bathrooms that match with their gender as identified at birth (Karimi, n.p).


The issue of LGBT in the United States, and even in other countries where it has not taken root, is a mere test of the social progress. The rights of the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual people were achieved by those who pushed this social progress, and not by those who stalled it. This is the way transgender bathrooms will be established one day. There are also religious groups that take exception to the rights of LGBT, saying that it violates their religious freedoms. However, those who support the LGBT say that laws that ensure that others are not discriminated against do not violate anyone’s religious freedom (National Centre for Transgender Equality, n.p). Just like those who identify themselves as males or females, the LGBT also needs to be given their constitutional rights. Even though there are numerous nondiscrimination laws and cultural acceptance that protect the transgender people, there is still need to legislate laws that give them legal protection. This is why states should enact laws that allow for the creation of transgender bathrooms.

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