LGBT Adoptions

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LGTB adoptions grant people from the lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities the moral right to exercise parental responsibility for children. The controversy surrounding LGTB adoptions has sparked social concern and reform in-laws to allow LGTB parents to adopt children based on their parental wishes. A true story about the challenges gay parents face in obtaining the right to adopt is shown in the film Every Day Now.
Rudy Donatello and Paul Fleiger meet at a gay bar, and when Rudy returns home, he discovers a 14-year-old abandoned Marco outside his house. He was abandoned by his mother and was also suffering from Down syndrome. Shortly after taking the boy, the U.S. family takes him to foster care. Marco’s mother who is in prison signs a temporary guardianship letter making Rudy and Paul formal custodians of the child. However, after Marco’s mother was released from prison, the boy was taken back to his home against his will and the mother continued with her previous life of many sexual partners. This life led to the neglect and the death of Marco.

Courtney, Farrell, and Simone Isadora Flynn. “Gay & Lesbian Adoption: An Overview.” Points Of View: Gay & Lesbian Adoption, 2016, pp. 1-1. Print

Gays are portrayed as individuals who have the desire and will to adopt children but limitations of the legal system could not allow them. Any Day Now illustrates the different challenges that gay marriages undergo when it comes to adoption of children in the society. The love they have for Marco is significant enough to illustrate how much they were willing to keep the child. In the film, Marco was able to attend activities that normal kids enjoy. They ensured that Marco was happy and well taken care of despite his mental condition.

The struggle that the couple underwent to make sure that they attained guardianship of Marco demonstrates their ability to love and care for a child just as traditional families. However, they were limited because of the reluctance of the society which has not yet believed that gay parents have the ability to become good guardians or demonstrate suitable parenthood characters. From the movie, it is clear that Paul and Rudy were better parents compared to Marco’s mother, Marianna, who put her self-interests before that of her son’s welfare.

Lavner, Justin A., Jill Waterman, and Letitia Anne Peplau. “Parent Adjustment Over Time In Gay, Lesbian, And Heterosexual Parent Families Adopting From Foster Care..” American Journal Of Orthopsychiatry, vol 84, no. 1, 2014, pp. 46-53. American Psychological Association (APA), doi:10.1037/h0098853. Print

LGTB adoptions have both positive and negative consequences. This is as a result of the stereotype the society develops towards the issue. LGTB adoption has the ability to reduce the number of kids in foster homes. The film illustrates this because other than Paul and Rudy no one else was enthusiastic to adopt Marco. In addition, gay families have several common features with traditional families. The author gives an example of Milanos whose gay substitute parents are supportive as well as dedicated. Therefore, LGBT adoption provides children with equal chances of love and affluence just like traditional families.

LGTB adoptions are highly associated with psychological stigma. When growing up in a gay family, a child is prone to psychological torture when socializing with other kids from traditional families. In addition, the amount of love that a child gets from a traditional family is always different from that of gay parents. For instance, Any Day Now illustrates the negative consequences of gay relationships on children. Despite the couple’s will and capability to provide Marco with love, Paul and Rudy place him in a situation which he is not used to. While Marco is used to a female for a mother, Paul and Rudy are all males.

LGBT adoptions and the results of same-sex marriage on the adopted child’s mental as well as physical welfare are crucial and must be taken with the weightiness they propose. Any Day Now illustrates an ideal gay correlation and the challenges that LGBTs go through when adopting a child. The society, the government as well as the judicial system should therefore conduct more in-depth research in order to identify the best standards that should be achieved by LGTB couples in order to adopt a child.

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