legalization of gay marriages

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The controversy about whether gay marriage should be allowed or not has gained traction in the United States and around the world. Almost everybody has taken a stand on the subject as a result of the debate. I am opposed to the legalization of gay marriage for a variety of reasons.
a violation of natural law
Marriage is more than just some other sexual relationship; it is a religious relationship regulated by common law and embedded in human nature. Any situation such as gay marriage that institutionalizes the sidestepping of the intended sexual act purpose is a violation of the natural law and the objectivity of the moral norm (Lipp, 2017). The natural law is immutable and universal, and any attempts to recognize gay marriage are a violation of the same act.

A child is denied either mother or father

The child is best brought up by the presence and guidance of his or her biological mother and father. The social norm is affirmed by many apparent complications witnessed by the children under the sole parenting of a single parent or those who are orphans. The unfortunate situations these children undergo may be the norm that all gay marriage children may endure because a same-sex marriage child will always lack either a biological father or mother. The children from gay marriages may end up experiencing sexual and gender disorders due to the parent’s influence.

Isolation of marriage from the purpose of procreation

Procreation and marriage always had a connection to one another. The fundamental goal that the conventional marriages serve is the securing of a father and mother for any given child that is born into our society (Family Research Council, 2017). The gay marriage legal recognition would foster a mentality of the anti-natalist mindset that may propel the decline in the country’s population after some given time. The population decline would eventually subject severe political, economic and social economic strains on the society. The same-sex marriage would also enhance the undercutting of the procreation norm that has for a long time been connected with marriage by establishing that there is no given link between marriage and procreation.

Diminishing paternal commitment expectations

The sexual revolutions and divorce of past decades have severely led to the undercutting of the moral norms that married couples should endeavor to stay together if they intend to have children or they already have them. The recognition of gay marriages may have same consequences to the marriage institution. The move may further result in the destabilization of the moral norms that couples should sacrifice and live happily for the sake of the children because the gay marriage may institutionalize the perception that the children do not require both their biological father and mother.

Slippery slope

The recognition of gay marriage may facilitate the onset of activism for the legalization of some marriages that involves siblings, animals, and children. The situation may present a catastrophic future where the society will be crumbling with the rampant social discord and immorality. For the avoidance of such scenarios being experienced in the future, we should not legalize the same-sex marriage as it may be difficult to deal with the consequences that may occur as a result of the decision we make today.


Gay marriages should not be recognized due to the many repercussions that are associated with it. The same-sex marriages go against the natural law. The recognition may also lead to the disruption of the marriage institution hence leading to various consequences that may bewilder the society.


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