Lee’s Family History

The chosen passage: ‘’She used to be glad to see me go, glad to have Lee’s last days to herself. She didn’t favor to do anything to make me stay just to spite her, so a long way once she was the way she used to be with me, packing me a lunch for the bus, giving me advice about metropolis living even though she’d never been somewhere except Denver more than overnight herself.’’
The passage explains how Christine feels blissful to see Lee take off. Moreover, her most precious times is when she spends with Lee last moments. It makes her sense good because of Christine as no other participants of the family except her aunt and Lee. The setting of the passage ii in the city at a place referred to like Denver. It is here that Christine gets the opportunity to advise Lee on how one is supposed to carry oneself whenever operating in the city.

The theme of care has been brought up from the chosen passage. Christine tries so hard to make her cousin feel at home whenever he is under her care. She packs Lee’s lunch and goes ahead to give him advice about the city life. For instance, parents are the ones who usually teach their children on the ethics one should follow and perform tasks such as cleaning of uniforms and cooking of food to give their children a conducive environment for study. Christine does equally the same hence she is motherly.

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