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Learning organizations apply to companies that, aside from actively transforming themselves, often promote the learning of their members (Wild et al., 2014). Google is a good example of a learning organization and the firm is constantly searching for new opportunities to enhance the services it provides to its clients. Google has also invested in deep learning and artificial intelligence to develop products that enable them to improve over time. Most notably, the company still trusts its workforce as it knows that they are the most valuable assets they have. As a result, Google is offering its participant quality management services. Having a suitable organizational structure enables a firm to put in place proper operating procedures that will allow it to achieve its long-term goals and objectives. Organizations that use mechanistic structure are characterized by a centralized approach to authority, specialized functions, and formalized procedures. In such organizations, rapid change is very challenging. Organic organizations, on the other hand, are characterized by informal participation in decision making and flatness of communication and interactions. As a result, these organizations can analyze and distribute knowledge and information quickly thus giving them a competitive edge over their competitors (Wild et al., 2014). An organic organizational structure is the one that is best suited for Google because the company has different functional areas and departments which need to communicate quickly and effectively with each other.


The major warning signs of organizational decline is a decline in employee motivation. Googles success can be attributed to its unique corporate culture. By looking at pictures inside Googleplex, one can see that google offices look more like a playground and not a workplace. The employees feel happy to work in such an environment. Arguably, Google’s unique corporate culture is the reason why it is a preferred employment destination for most people.


The Securities and Exchange Commission requires companies to disclose all their assets, liabilities, earnings and cash flows in the annual report. The annual report is also important as it helps firms to evaluate their competitive threats and key accomplishments. The major disadvantage of using annual reports is that they can sometimes provide misleading information because they can be manipulated.


Google creates products that improve the lives of its customers and the way that they connect with information. Also, Google offers its employees with an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Google offices look more like an adult playground than an office. This encourages the employees to be more creative and to pursue big ideas.


Wild, J. J., Wild, K. L., & Han, J. C. (2014). International business. Pearson Education Limited.

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