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Cultural heritage applies to the visible objects and intangible qualities of a culture that are typically handed on from one generation to the next, ensuring that it is preserved in the current and bestowed for future generations’ gain. It includes natural heritage such as culturally important ecosystems and biodiversity, tangible heritage such as structures, books, artworks, artifacts, and landmarks, and intangible heritage such as folklore, customs, literature, and information.
Culture refers to the belief or behavior that is passed down within a group or a community having a symbolic meaning which is of significance to the origins in the past (American Psychological Association, 2012).
Family Description and Cultural Heritage
My family race is black, I have one sister, and I am male we have no religious preference, but we do believe in a higher power. No one in the immediate family is homosexual, we started out very poor, but we are now in the middle class. Our race has its identity and is rich in cultural heritage but is not the same as the African culture though it originated from it because the blacks were not lucky enough to maintain their cultural heritage which is from Africa and therefore we cannot be said to belong to a particular ethnic group. We are from the United States where our language and tribe was developed from the towns we live.

The blacks’ culture and family values are deeply rooted in the family, from the nuclear to the extended family. We respect and obey the elderly in the community as they are considered the source of blessing, and wisdom about all the aspects of our origin and we address them with respectful terms. Our generations live in the same home or near-by such that provision of care for the elderly and the children is easier. Our families are generally and typically private with less physical contact such that individuals’ personal space is recognized and respected.

Messages about People from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

As I grew up with children from other races and cultural background, and as a young child I did not know much about our differences apart from our skin color. Getting older I realized that there is more than just the skin colors. Taking the example of the Hispanic or Asian American teenager, they would be able to describe where their family heritage originated from which was not the case for us, the black teens. The only thing we are well conversant with is where our other relatives were settled within the United States. The whites have also been viewed to be the superiors because of the freedom they enjoy and their family status which was different from ours.

I am most proud of my cultural heritage which attaches so much value on the importance of the household and the togetherness that we share as a race. We appreciate family members above everything else. Our parents would spend quality time with their children; family reunions would be organized and extended family members invited to party together. This is my pride because the family contributes so much to the survival, endurance, and maintenance of the cultural heritage of the blacks. It is also an important unit in ensuring community cohesiveness, strengthening and stabilizing the black families and to build a strong foundation which is sustainable for future generations. The elders are of vital importance in the various family reunions are they are the keepers of the cultural heritage which is passed down to the generations to come ensuring continuity, through their guidance based on wisdom gained throughout their lives.

Comparison between the Blacks and Other Ethnicities

Our family values differ with other ethnicities regarding family values, worldviews and even the practices they undertake. The values held of importance to us include respect for others, honesty, hard work, and obedience. The Blacks and Hispanic ethnicities have a few family values being similar including the value attached to having many children and extended family where they either live with them or are nearby. There is also dedication, responsibility, and obligation towards the family which is always supportive of one another, and both enjoy sharing a meal together, celebrating of special events together where they socialize with one another and solve their family disputes within themselves.

In contrast to our ethnicity, the whites do not value the extended family so much as they live in different parts of the country and not close to one another. They also have a strong sense of loyalty to the family such that activities in the family are structured and planned to form an expected pattern of marital and parental roles and responsibility. In the celebration of special events, for example, the whites do so by themselves or with the immediate family, unlike the Blacks where everybody is invited to share in that celebration (Health Network Solutions, 2013).

Effect of Media Coverage on the Blacks’ Culture

The majority of people have not interacted with the blacks one on one, and therefore their perception of us is mostly influenced by the media including the television, newspaper and other social media platforms. The majority of media coverage about the blacks tend to only perpetuate and encourage stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice against the blacks. In the society, they are often regarded as gangsters, drug users and dealers, and even murderers. This is also described in the movie industry where the blacks often play the role of the bad people active in committing crimes which in turn affects the world’s view of the blacks. The blacks’ so much cherished culture of honesty, respect, good social conduct, and handwork is therefore tarnished by the media.

Strategies to Moderate Media Effects and Promote Inclusion in the Workplace

Provision of Diverse Training to Employees and All the Supervisors

This strategy aims at empowering all the staff such that all people in the work place appreciate and acknowledge the importance of all the different cultural heritage, sex, race and religious affiliation. This ensures a reduction in stereotyping as educated and well-informed people are less likely to express stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudices. This training would lead to the introduction of and socialization into a new social norm to all employees, therefore, changing their stereotyped perception towards the blacks (American Psychological Association, 2012).

Formation of Intergroup Contact

Whenever people from different ethnicities, races or tribe interact together and are always in touch, stereotyping tends to reduce, and understanding ensues. Prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination occur when a group of people views another out-groups as being different from them such that interacting with them would be inappropriate or wrong. To ensure inclusion in the work place, I would have people from all ethnicities work together and are in constant interaction as a way of ensuring they become more tolerant about one another, view each other as similar to them and develop concern for them (American Psychological Association, 2012).

Development of Workplace Policies

Having a strong workplace policy which is against stereotyping would help a great deal to curb the problem and promote inclusion of all employees. As a manager, I would make sure that these policies are well known to all the employees such that it is posted in a common area for them to see and ensure its implementation to the later (American Psychological Association, 2012).


American Psychological Association. (2012). Dual Pathways to a Better America: Preventing Discrimination and Promoting Diveristy. Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

Health Network Solutions. (2013). Understanding Different Cultures: Helpful Information About Different Cultures. Cornelius: Health Network Solutions.

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