Leadership and Business Ethics

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Leadership Ethics Course: A Reflection Paper
There are two sections in this assignment that must be completed: Why business ethics must be studied and considering how to build a relationship between moral person and manager relationship. The first section looks at leadership skills on ethical basis and how to bring together the responsibility of getting profits and performing optimally at the place of work. How good working relationships can be enhanced within the workplace with good ethics. The second section majorly consists of connecting an individual’s obligation to moral authority (Treviño et al. 128). The two form the pillars of a good reputation of a manager in the workplace. Regarding the moral person, the individual should be able to have traits such as honesty, good behavior of doing the right thing, and effective decision making based on the values of the organization (Treviño et al. 130). On the other hand, the ethical manager should be a role model through their actions, enhance rewards of good morals and discipline, as well as communicate the values to the juniors (Treviño et al. 133).

The course readings are about the leadership ethics and cover a broad range of topics that can enhance a manager not only to be a good decision maker but also have the skills of solving ethical dilemmas. The course also outlines some of the values and characteristics of the leaders in organizations and how they inspire the other workers to follow suit. The course also entails some of the ethical systems, principles of the same, and the strategies in leading a challenging environment.

Therefore, the course and the readings are critical in laying a foundation of some of the challenges to expect in the workplace as a leader. Some of the conflicts and dilemma might affect personal values or nature of decision making. However, through learning some of the strategies, the materials can significantly improve how to respond to diverse situations while maintaining the right, predictable and morals behaviors that are acceptable in the workplace.

The course has challenges such as discerning what other people consider as ethical to business such as the profit part. However, through focusing on ethical decision making, handling dilemmas, and engaging actively in class activities, the skills gained can help in achieving a successful outcome.

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