Land of Mines

Land of Mines, released in December 2015, is a film about post-World War II activities. Its title is directly related to the subject matter. The film drew the attention of the entire audience because of its cast, who sought to remind the world of the pain and misery endured by soldiers during the conquest. The film is primarily about young German soldiers captured and kept as prisoners of war by the Danish. Martin Zandvliet wrote and directed this film, and his writing and art have been widely nominated for various awards, including the Oscars and the Academy Awards, among many others. The mines are known to course indiscriminate deaths makes the movie send a very strong message across the globe.
There are several thematic concerns that have been depicted in Martin’s Land of Mines. The following are some of the key themes.
Revenge in the Land of Mines
Revenge takes the central theme in this film. From its events, Danish sergeant Carl Leopold (Roland Moller) takes hostage about 2000 Nazi soldier. These are young men and boys from Hitler’s battalion who were captured immediately after axis powers were defeated by the Americans who entered the war to assist the allies alliance. Sergeant Carl extremely tortures the captives and delivers them to the West coast of Denmark. Here, they are forced to disarm all the landmines that the Germany soldiers had set. Captain Ebbe (Mikkel Folsgaard) openly warns the soldiers to expect no mercy. On his side, the sergeant does not care whether the mines blast and kill the innocent boy-soldiers or not. He merely acts out of revenge for the treatment of his soldiers by the Axis platoons.
The Theme of Culpability
As portrayed by the writer, the movie emphasizes on the fact that East Germany and Russia should take responsibility and the total blame. During the exercise of unearthing the mines, more than half the number of soldiers died from explosions. This is meant to send a strong message to the German government to stop its harmful post-war activities on the captured soldiers. The soldiers are fully terrified and become continually weary.
Humanity in the Land of Mines
Another conspicuously elaborated theme is the development of humane heart towards the victims of the war by Sergeant Carl. After months of subjecting the young boys into the brutality of insetting the mines, Leopold begins to feel for the young boys. He begins to realize that they are just young innocent men, who had probably been coerced into being soldiers by Hitler. These soldiers are to unearth over 2 million mines. This sets in when most of the soldiers die in an explosion involving a truck carrying deactivated landmines. In that explosion, only Ludwig, Sebastian, amongst other two remain alive in the beach after the explosion was cleared.
Personal Opinion on the Movie
From these themes, my opinion is that before countries engage in any form of war, the repercussions and implications, otherwise called collateral damage on to innocent population should be well analyzed and that vengeance is not the only way to solve issues.
Conclusively, there should not be war involving heavy weapons. The consequences are devastating and bring anger, shame, and relativity in what the society stands for as morality. All victims of war are often children and women who even do not have an active role in the wars.

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