In the United States of America, Justice Ginsburg is a famous and vocal person who makes up the judges of the Supreme Court. An adorable intelligence that determines her ability lies beyond her intellectual capacity. Argumentative comments that are strongly rated accordingly offer the essence of placing all trust in the American people.
On the travel ban, the criticism of Justice Ginsburg.
During his bid, Ginsburg denounced President Donald Trump. Later on, she came to know and accept that the comment was not for criticism and it was that she had offered the wrong guidance. Recently the justice has critiqued the president. She presented the review on the travel ban, court terms, and capital punishment. The president had issued statements based on the reasons above. He aimed at stopping the movement of people into the United States of America. The curfew focused on those who were dependents. It is true that the administration intended to barring the refugees from traveling into the States. The ban directly indicated the six Muslim countries. The justice rebuked the case presented and termed it as a restrictive shelter that meant no good for the nation.

The ban was an ill motive directed to the people of the particular country. It would have paused an economic, social and even security threat. The justice critiques helped to stop the intimidation that the president showed to other nations. The nation would have crossed the doors for the imports and exports outside the United States of America. American citizens were to face a challenge of mistreatment. The biggest problem encountered was identifying the noncitizens to be deported back to their own countries.

Public Policies, Made to Fit People


The basis of all economic problems is failing to handle social problems within the nation. The greatest enemy of development and may tend to stretch government resources. When making policies especially public policies, stakeholders included should be from diverse professions. The combined efforts ensure that no piece of policy made would be biased and fail to work out according to the expectations. The stakeholders provide relevant information that will help to developed viable public policies.

The Major Gap

Social academics play a significant role in governance. The government eradicated additional issues that are affecting its nation. The main one being the thirty million word gap. The gap created among children with high socioeconomic status and those with a lower one brings about the imbalances of the economy. Children from well off families tend to have a still academic life, but those from the lower class struggle to have a better academic life. The problem is the upbringing mode of the children from a diverse background. According to social scientists, this is a significant threat to an economy. The government should consider solving the problem to avoid pumping in monetary resources that will overstretch the budget and increase overspending. The core problem must be solved according to its intensity.

The research provided is evidence based, and consideration is important when giving a judgment. The government should incorporate all the key stake holders to ensure that sound public policies are in place. My take is the government to make the cost of living cheap and admirable. Provide an amicable solution to supplementary budgets. Social scientists should be involved since they play a very critical role in the society. It is through the social academics that challenges facing the community are prioritized.

Trump’s Loyalty Problem

David Leonhardt JULY 31, 2017

The president of the United States uses the term loyal to refer to the feeling he has of supporting various projects. He has given priority to what he terms as his main agendas during his term of presidency. He does his work according to his manifesto.


Trump issued a statement that depicted his loyalty to the Americans. He developed a manifesto that based on development aspects. According to the president, loyalty is one sided. Political analysts have described him as a betrayer to the people of America. Loyalty according to trump means doing what pleases his eyes and not the entire community. Trump has since betrayed the virtue and dumped many people. His constant twits are channeled towards the health care bill. He claims that the bill has since failed and the Americans have not benefited from it. In reality, the bill has been so beneficial to most Americans as compared to what he purports. Fortunately, his loyalty is not depicted in his work as he claims. Likewise, the American people have criticized him over the reliability issue. His acts are twisted to a political platform.

Criticism is one of the tools used to gain political heights. In as much as Trump’s commitment is perceived, it should reflect the trait of a real leader. I agree on his choice but given the authority by the people to govern should not give him a dictatorship mileage. Concerning the health bill, Trump should have a clear intention and give support to the bill. He should encourage contributions towards the bill and see it progress. He should toil hard to gain back the loyalty of his friends and the Americans.

Who Ate Republicans’ Brains?

Paul Krugman JULY 31, 2017

There are two parties in America as far as politics is concerned. The Republican party and the Democratic party lay the foundation of politics in the United States. The Republicans have dominated most seats in the political arena. Both sides go hand in hand with the Constitution. Therefore, it implies that no party is above the law. When one party takes the lead, the decisions made are respected by everyone.


Obamacare has formed a basis for President Trump’s speech before and after his elections. He is against the health care that was founded by the former President Barack Obama. The care targeted the middle and low-income earners that could not afford good health. The Democrats have since performed and fulfilled their promises to the people of America. The Republicans base their hopes on lies. They do not fulfill what they offer to the public. Instead, they work contrary to their manifestos. The former Republican presidents depict the facts supporting the failure of the Republicans to perform when elected to the position of Presidency. George Bush as a President in his reign proposed a cap and trade system. The main aim of the scheme was to control the acid rain. The system did not work as it was expected to work by the Americans. Instead, it was a proposal that later became law. Similarly, a foundation that offered a health care did not work out as expected by the people.

Politics can gear development and to some extent can prevent development. The critiques on party politics are important. They give a reason to work towards achieving the objectives stipulated in the manifestos. Politics is vital in development.

After Health Care Victory, Senate Democrats Seek Compromise With Tax Plan


After severe criticism of the health care plan follows a tax plan tabled to burden the citizens. The health plan faced rejections and challenges from the current administration led by President Trump. It was to be dismantled and regarded useless immediately the incumbent president took over. The health plan faced defending opinions from the beneficiaries stating various reasons. Supporters Presented their case in favor of the plan, and the ruling was in favor of the proponents.

The Republicans failed to pass a legislation relating to their health plan. The Democrats wrote a letter to through their majority leader and addressed it to the president. The letter was urging the administration to work with the Democrats on a suitable tax plan. The primary objective was to ensure that there is an improved wage for families who are working, improve the middle-class job growth. Promote investment and modernize the outdated tax systems are the key objectives. The contributions of the senate were to change various tax laws and not increase the tax burden on the middle class. The Republicans tax plan is disproportionately benefiting the wealthy. The suggested tax plan by the Democrats tends to raise taxes on the rich to compensate the middle class.

At first, I thought Trump had imposed his manifesto to the practical scenario. From what I grasped in his campaign, he was to reduce the taxes and create more jobs by deporting known citizens. Later I realized all that he said could only be effective only when he had a strong backup. The Republicans are a minority hence it may be difficult for them to pass any proposal tabled. The Democrats are the majority and ever since the administrations have always been made easy.

Lesson for Trump: Hardball Against Senators Is a Game He Can Lose

By CARL HULSE AUG. 1, 2017

Sometimes the boss voice speaks, and sometimes the voice of the people is the determinant. When holding public office one makes arbitrary decisions depending on the situation that is reflected. The Constitution mandates the leaders to exercise a given degree of authority. The same Constitution limits the powers under various circumstances. Therefore, no government official can usurp the powers not expressly stated in the Constitution.

Trump’s regime has faced difficulties especially when there is need to pass a bill into law. The Republican senators are the minority creating impossibilities of some bills to be accepted. On the other hand, the Democrats are the majority. Senator Lisa fails to buck up the Republican despite being in the same party with the president. She does not support the health plan that intends to replace Obamacare. It is for this reason that Trump is angry at her. The ruling party will not succeed if its members do not combine forces. It seems like it has been a trend in the Republican. The regime of Bill Clinton depicts the differences experienced by the Republicans. It states that politics in America has developed over time and no poor decision can be made and be passed by either of the parties unless there is a driven motive.

The political parties should work without any favor. The members of the parties are expected to practice an independent way of decision making and not decisions made out of intimidation as evidenced in the Americana political platform. Dictatorship error is never to be revised in the modern world. Otherwise, more contributions are encouraged promptly for a better tomorrow in the world of politics.

John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci


John Kelly is in the American government currently. He is the chief of staff. Kelly is determined to perform his duties without being compromised. Kelly began exercising the powers mandated to him on the very first day. He understood his intent and made it open to his staff. He started by firing the communications director ten days after his hiring. The reason behind his firing was unloading a verbal tirade against other team members.

Anthony did not stick to his assignment and crossed the border. As the president says, Anthony was recruited for a certain beneficial purpose which he never fulfilled. The words made the president feel that the comments made were inappropriate. The issue created loggerheads among the stakeholder, and the only option that was left was firing. The issue was politicized and took a new dimension. Different opinions from different people were contributed to easing the tension.

A government is separate from individuals. Individuals are the people who form a government with the leader being the president at the top. He exercises his powers and governs the country in the right directions. When it comes to decision making, he must include various stakeholders due to diverse opinions that are gathered from them. The opinions must not be biased for the government to operate smoothly. The president has the final say regarding any issue that may arise. In American politics, the structure of the government depicts the roles and powers of each official. The orders came from the top, and the middle people are only meant to take the rules. Kelly took the powers and exercised the necessary steps that deemed fit for the entire citizens.

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