Juliet and Romeo

Romeo is seen roaming the streets of Mantua at the start of the scene. He was troubled by a dream he had the night before. In his dream, he saw Juliet's body lying in a crypt, freezing, and unable to wake up despite his best efforts. Balthasar arrives from Verona in the middle of her reflections and strolling. He came with bad news for Romeo. Juliet had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit after slitting her thumb. She had lost a lot of blood before being rescued and taken to the hospital. Romeo orders Balthasar to prepare his horse so that he could rush to the hospital to see his beloved. Meanwhile, he jot a correspondence for Lord Montague which was to be taken to him by Balthasar. In the letter, Romeo gave the details of what had transpired concerning Juliet. He then buys poison on his way.

Act 5 Scene 2

Romeo meets Friar John on his way and he gives him a letter containing Juliet’s plan even though the letter was late. In the scene the people talk about Friar John as being the carrier of the pestilence that befell the town but they don’t know how to approach the situation or how to deal with him. Friar Laurence is happy that things are turning out just as his plans wanted.

Act 5 Scene 3

Paris and his Page are utterly crestfallen owing to Juliet’s situation so they stand at the entrance to the hospital so that no on e would enter. When Romeo arrives in the company of Balthasar, Paris tries to stop him which in turn escalates to a sword fight.

Romeo: by heavens, I will tear thee joint by joint

Page: O lord! They fight: I will go call the City Watchmen (Exits)

Paris: (Falls) O, I am slain! – If though be merciful for my life

Page gets terrified and rushes away to get the City Watchmen. The watchmen arrive in the company of Prince Escalus in time just before Romeo kills Paris and puts an end to the fight. Romeo the rushes to see Juliet but since she is still unconscious, he thinks that she is dead and drink his poison. However, the poor Apothecary switched the poison bottle with a concoction and Romeo wakes up when it wears off. On waking, he finds Juliet staring at him. He rushes to hug and kiss her.

However, the concoction that Romeo took had adverse side effects that make him faint in the room where Juliet was hospitalized. The paramedics take him to another room for examination and they find traces of poison in the concoction that he had taken. They put in on drip and force him to rest until he feels better. However, in his rest, he undergoes the same dream that tortures him and he wakes up feeling terrified. On waking up, he looks around but does not see his beloved. He struggles to get out of the bed. Before he leaves, one of the paramedics gets back and advises him to rest for Juliet was okay. He demands to see her and he is taken to her without much ado.

Lord Montague makes the announcement that Lady Montague had a heart attack owing to Romeo’s mistaken poisoning but was now feeling better. The Prince confirms from Balthasar’s letter that the accusations against Friar are untrue. For the betterment of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, the Montagues and the Capulets make peace with each other. As a show of the peace amendment between them, they both erect golden statues in honor of their newly forged relationship. Romeo and Juliet get married the following week and they live happily ever after. The scene ends with the two stuck on each other’s lips in a kissing moment.

Priest: Live and be prosperous good fellows

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