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I noticed that a large portion of the methodology was centered on the concept of self-criticism as I read through the 12 step process and the questions posed. The approach emphasizes that actual change comes from within, which is correct. To truly change, someone must first recognize why they want to change and then make a conscious effort to change their behavior more socially acceptable or appealing. As a result, as I read through the 12 step program for alcoholics, I noticed that spiritual connection and, ultimately, spiritual fulfillment is an essential part of the recovery process. Especially in difficult times, divinity aids us in finding peace and being true to ourselves. Addiction makes us lie to ourselves, and the 12 step program sheds light on this lie, exposing a patient to themselves, which in turn, elicits a stronger drive for change within the individual.
The 12 step program, works because it fulfills the need which drives most people to drugs, the need for social interaction. When faced with trouble in life, it is possible for one to withdraw, and alienate oneself from their friends and family. Consequently, this can lead one to fill the emotional gap existent with the absence of social interaction and bonding, with drugs and abuse of such substances as alcohol. Steps 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 all include the intervention of several persons, whether offering professional help or merely some friendly advice. These steps also include being around a community of people that are supportive of one’s quest to better their lives. This macro-environment can usually consist of clergy persons, family, friends, and other recovering alcoholics. By undertaking the 12 step program, an alcoholic can successfully become rehabilitated, through spirituality, self-critique, as well as support and love from friends and family.

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