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Honesty means that in all my social interactions I am trustworthy and straightforward. The reality, I always say. Loyal to everyone, my friends and enemies alike. My country, culture, the workplace and senior citizens convey my faith. My values and morals are high and are especially influential for people. I recognize consequences from my decisions and behave proactively. I am obliged to obey the obligations of culture, individuals, professions and connections. Deal with humility, friendliness, civility and kindness to others. I am sympathetic for those who are suffering and unfortunate. I always attempt to eliminate their suffering by helping them. I take various actions and decisions by considering the best-expected outcome. The willpower helps me to take the reliable actions, execute my principles and exhibit strong self-control.

Who I Want To Be

I pray for God’s grace that will enable me to have positive thinking. I want to be contented with what God gives me. Avoid conforming to all worldly materials. I always love genuinely and cling to what is good. I also intend to be kind and affectionate to everyone with brotherly love. Continuing steadfastly in prayer so that I improve my relationship with God. To always forgive and bless all those who hurt me in any way. To associate with the humble and live peacefully together. Not to avenge myself. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord (Romans 12:19).

Virtues I Want To Exhibit

I would want people to recognize that being wise, creative and imaginative. Visionary and idealism so that they can realize are a leader. Patient and disciplined with effective moderation of things. Generous, compassionate and determination to achieve my desired goals. Clean and joyfulness with diligence. Moral courage so that people know I do not fear any bully or criticism.

Developing and Sustaining Virtues

Developing and sustaining virtues helps to smoothen life and creates a platform for engaging with kind, honest and loyal people. I will improve my virtues through solving issues ethically with my knowledge. Eliminating personal motives and doing right things. Ensuring justice applies to all fields that I will be engaged. Motivating and recognizing other people contributions. Using facts to make fair decisions. Ensure that other people`s interest is my priority. Decrease self-serving and alleviate humility.

Vices Overshadowing Virtues

“The moral strength of a being’s will in fulfilling his” (MM 6:405) and “the vice as principled immortality (MM 6:390)”. There are multiple vices opposing virtues including sloth which consists of several traits. Sluggishness and despising whatever is spiritually good. Diligence opposes sloth. Lust which is mind blindness and hating God. Chastity suppresses this vice. Gluttony which consists of personal impurity and intellectual blindness. Temperance controls gluttony.

Character Models

This includes positive choice making to impact people affirmatively (Beshty 58). Thinking out loud when am making my decisions, this helps those close to me know how I work on issues. They learn how to balance good and bad results during problem-solving. I admit and apologize immediately I make mistakes. I take the necessary responsibility as soon as possible. Avoiding distraction and follow my commitments. I respect all below and above me.

Work cited

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Beshty, Walead. Ethics. London: Whitechapel Gallery, 2015. Print.

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