Islamic and Christian doctrines on the Creation of the World

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The date and time the universe was founded are a mystery without any knowledge to support a topic speculation. The notion that just five minutes ago the entire planet was born can be debunked based on theological and science concepts. In order to justify the way the world was created, the Islamic and Christian doctrines have a historical perspective. You both contend that the universe has long been created by God and that the world was systemic and time-consuming. Judging from the accounts provided by both religions’ holy books, it is clear that the whole world did not just come into existence five minutes ago. However, it was created several years ago, and the creation was not done instantly, but rather systematically.
At the same time, Hindus believe that the world does not have a definite begin or end. On the contrary, it is in a repetitive cycle of creating, whereby it is destroyed and recreated on a daily basis. However, the scriptures do not indicate exactly how many minutes make up a day to determine the exact time of recreation. Thus, the doctrine is proof that the world did not come into existence five minutes ago, because, if it did, then everyone would be destroyed in the former world and no one would have a memory of the same.
Secondly, scientific research findings and theories are proof that the world has been in existence for several years. The Darwinian evolutionary theory explains that human beings and other living things have been forced to adapt to nature after an extended period. This theory indicates that nature, which is a component of the world, has been in existence for a long time and indeed the world too. Lastly, geologists date back the formation of rocks found in all continents of the world to several years, thus demonstrating further that the world has indeed existed for several years and not just five minutes.

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