Inventions of Science

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For many years, science has been instrumental in presenting answers to many puzzling questions. The changes, embracement, and discoveries like the DNA and power have led to the realization of significant developments in technology that have a massive influence on the society. Science has been divided into specific branches that are widely viewed as natural sciences that focuses on natural phenomenon, formal sciences that find out about logic composed of both biology and chemistry, and social sciences that learn about human behavior. However, these fields are interrelated and rely on findings from the other to provide an explanation for some essential elements and world phenomenon. In the formal sciences, chemistry offers with the study of matter whilst biology focuses on the hierarchy of biological organization from molecular to ecological factors.

Chemistry is defined as the study of the structure, properties, and composition of substances, which includes and not limited to the biological matter of human beings and animals (Bettelheim et al. 1). Biology is the branch of science that studies life and discovers how the living organisms are composed by analyzing their etiology, physiology, interactions, and classification (Russell, Hertz, & McMillan 709). Both biology and chemistry are related to the human body in most of their workings. Chemistry is instrumental in explaining the capability of the body’s ability to react in a particular manner by describing how various chemicals begin, promote, or end reactions contributing to a specific response such as how hormones and neurons affect the body functionality (Bettelheim et al. 709). Biology studies the different organs and tissues and how they combine and interact with others making the human body function in a collaborative and functional state (Russell et al. 710). Biology helps in the explanation of the human anatomy and how it operates while relying on the chemical understanding of how various elements influence each tissue and elicit a particular response. For example, chemistry in the human study can focus on how an enzyme is produced while biology explains how a particular tissue responds to the enzyme and what function occurs with the chemical production and activation. The study of biology is useful in the clarification of the use and importance of the intestines while chemistry is instrumental in giving explanations on the process of food breakdown or digestion by the gastric juices, giving its importance and the roles performed (Russell et al. 709-710).

Biology is more concerned about how, whereas chemistry helps mostly in the communication of when and why a process or something happens (Bettelheim et al. 2; Russell et al. 709-710). The not ending contentious debate concerning evolution helps in the clarification of the significant differences between chemistry and biology in the study of life. Biology aids in the determination of the types of bones and archeological findings discovered by the various scientists. It then tries to explain the emergence of civilization in the world, how reproduction and the DNA helped in allowing for evolution and how the characteristics and physical appearance of human beings gradually progressed through different stages (Russell et al. 413). On the other hand, chemistry is applied in granting the dating of the various bones through use of multiple dating techniques such as radioactive dating used for materials as old as 60000 years old, stratigraphy, and thermoluminescence among others (Bettelheim et al. 242). The process does not tell or explain how the evolution of human beings took place, but it endeavors to explain and clarify why and when the operation took place. Chemistry also aids in the understanding of how the composition of different substances affects the properties of that particular element and its working for instance how the formation of the various enzymes affects their operation and properties. Biology on the other hand only tries to explain the functioning and structure of the enzymes without analyzing how their composition affects the structure and working.

One unifying factor is that both biology and chemistry like most sciences are founded on principles and evolutionary theories that aid in understanding a concept and passing knowledge while allowing further exploration. The ecological principles scientific understanding presented in these theories are formulated from well-defined. The study of biology is always increasingly integrative. The biologists mostly tend to use expansive theories or principles that they try to simplify as much as possible by examining the underlying rationale governing the emerging theories. Chemistry seeks simple tenets that integrate tested assumptions that can be replicated and used to explain different chemical structures.

Biology also aids in the study of growth, evolution, life cycles and different aspects of life extending beyond molecular and atomic structures while chemistry is applied to help in the explanation and understanding of the processes (Bettelheim et al. 709). The sciences coincide in most circumstances and supplement each other in the building and interpretation of human life. Both chemistry and biology also help scientists in conducting scientific investigations that are fundamental in the discovery of new concepts through the use of experimental methods. The study of the two subjects equips one with vital skills and information about the existence and how the living organisms react to various processes and situations and aids in the search for feasible solutions that can help in eradicating the environmental issues witnessed today. Finally, the two subjects are very crucial in the shaping of someone’s career as many times are regarded as the primary subjects that are to be taken in schools

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