Interview Project of International Family

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This interview is a component of the International Family Project that’s supported an Indian family that has lived in America for the past ten years. Laura and that i met during the Summer Camping in New Jersey a year ago. once we first met, I wasn’t sure if she would ask me and thought which may be her culture didn’t allow her or even she would find me offensive. However, she proved me wrong, and truly , we are very close friends and have met her family severely. Laura’s family has the foremost kind, selfless, happy individuals I even have ever met. Above all, their culture and customs is their foundation and pillar. It makes their culture unique and different from most American natives.

The Indians are raised to accept and embrace the culture of arranged marriages. Laura herself still supports the culture despite being around Americans who highly diminish this culture. According to (Epstein 342), Indian arranged marriages are not just between couples, but it’s a family affair. The interviewer argues that marriages it’s all about commitment and not love. Research has proved the divorce rates in America are higher than in India. Hence, in some ways, arranged marriages are not that bad as Americans view them.

Further, (Baykara-Krumme 2151) argues that the fathers are entirely responsible for ensuring that their daughters are in safe hands. Also, the couple is given time to know each other before they are married off. However, I still believe that the Indians need to be allowed to diversify and should be allowed to marry from different cultures without being disowned. Women like Laura need to be let free to choose. However, the depth of the Indian culture is still unknown to most Americans, and all we are left to do is respect it.

An Interview On Marriage Customs in India

Tell us about you, where you were born and your family?

I was born in India. My family is immigrants from India, and it’s now ten years since we moved to the US.

What ethnic group is your family and what religion do you belong?

My family belongs to the Dravidian ethnic group and Hindu religion.

Does arranged marriages happen in your culture? If yes, what’s your family’s take on it?

Yes. My family are in total support of arranged marriages

What’s your take on arranged marriages and how does it impact on your beliefs in marriage?

I prefer arranged marriages as it saves me the struggle, issues that occur in relationships

Have the American beliefs on marriage affected your take? Give a brief explanation of the impacts

I believe that in marriage the most important factor is commitment. Arranged marriages give the couple a lifetime opportunity to explore and know your spouse. What America has done is diversified my opinions on other cultures, it has not yet changed my take on arranged marriages.

What’s your parents take on the American way of marriage?

My parents value and respect of the Indian culture has made them despise the American way of marriage. They would not allow distance to affect their customs and beliefs.

Do arranged marriages only apply to Indians? and Are Indians allowed to marry from other cultures?

Yes. It’s an Indian culture and marriage outside is considered as an abomination and disrespect to our culture.

Has your family ever considered adapting to the American ways of marriage? If yes, how will it impact on your cultural beliefs and customs?

My family does appreciate the liberation of the American culture that highly supports feminism, but we still stand on our cultures and beliefs.

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